Now that he has the world stage, Donald Trump is notorious, now more than ever. He’s been looked at, by millions, as an arrogant and selfish dictator who has no regard for human emotions and values. We want to lighten the atmosphere and see how he fits into Bollywood as a villain. Although some of the villains in the list mentioned below have better character, and are better human beings, in general, than Donald Trump, there are slight resemblances between them.

1) Uncle Bajaj/Tejaa Film: Andaz Apna Apna

Andaz Apna Apna -Paresh Rawal plays the role of twin brothers with contrasting personalities in the movie. One, a very well-off business man, and the other a manipulative crook. Well, Donald Trump has the best of both worlds to offer, with real life experience as well.

2) Thakur Sriram – Film: Bandit Queen

Govind Namdeo plays a thakur in the movie and believes that all other castes are inferior to him. And above all, he is the one of the biggest misogynists bollywood has ever seen. The only difference between him and Trump is that Thakur Sriram didn’t build a wall to avoid the inferior caste to enter his territory.

3) Pralaynath Goondaswamy aka Gendaswamy- Film: Tirangaa

A big bad corrupt politician with a bad hair do. Who am I talking about? Both Donald Trump and Gendaswamy share these personality traits. However, we feel that Mr. Genda is better looking.

4) Langda Tyagi: Film – Omkara

An insecure, foul mouthed and envious thug, Saif Ali Khan embodies Donald Trump’s characteristics to perfection, so much so, that if the movie had to be shot in 2017, it can be confused with Donald Trump’s biography.

5) Subedar Film: Mirch Masala

A tax collector who goes from village to village with his soldiers while flaunting his riches, demeaning women and somehow getting beautiful women to sleep with him along the way. All activities that Donald Trump does better.

6) Tribhuvan Das: Film – Chaalbaaz

Tribhuvan Das, enacted by Anupam Kher, is a tormentor, oppressor, greedy, mean and has funny facial structure. Now, where have we heard this before?

7) Indrajit Chadhha :Film – Damini

Apart from the fact that he demeans women and has a horrendous hair do, he also doesn’t shy away from discussing rape as a norm. What more can I say but, Grab them by the ……. Never mind!

Well, well, there could be a ton of other movies that Donald Trunp could play as villain. Please feel free to comment with movie names that Donald Trump could act as villain in.

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