1) It’s all over – Chris Daughtry :

After Donald Trump was elected President, most Americans lost hope and felt like it’s all over! This song, if parodied, would sum up the atmosphere in America at the moment.

2) The Crowned Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars :

He’s crowned the President and he’s creating a funk amongst the public, especially the minorities.

3) Fearedleader – Omi :

Doesn’t the title say it all? One of the most feared leaders in the world today. And just replacing the word cheerleader with the word ‘feardleader’ makes the song hilarious, by itself!

4) Cant’ Feel My Brains – The Weekend :

After all the controversial decisions and mindless comments, he must have a hard time using his brains.

5) Mean On – Major Lazer & DJ Snake Featuring M0 :

Whether right or wrong, one cannot deny that the Donald has his mean on at all times.

6) Kicked Out – 21 pilots :

His plans of kicking out minorities makes this parody the perfect theme song for the leader of the free world.

7) Call Me Crazy – Caly Rae Jepsen :

“America just met him, he is crazy, kicking out people in numbers, so call him crazy.”

8) Crappy – Pharrell Williams :

Things just turned crappy after the king took his throne. From misogynistic comments to racist and questionable actions, it’s all crappy in America.

9) Anarchy In The US – Sex Pistols :

Chaos, disorder and controversies caused by the leader that is causing an anarchical ambiance in the US.

10) Wish You Weren’t Here – Pink Floyd :

The dream and hopes of millions is wishing the Donald wasn’t here.

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