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    Anam Hashim
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    Anam Hashim
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    Anam Hashim
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    Anam Hashim
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    Anam Hashim
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    Anam Hashim

Anam Hashim – India’s Daredevil Stunt Rider!

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Weighing a mere 46 kgs with a petite frame, Anam Hashim gets jaw-dropping reactions to her daring motorcycle stunts. People are unable to believe that a small-built girl like her can control massive motorbikes and perform audacious stunts. But Anam isn’t complaining. She says, I love the shock and awe reactions. That’s a big compliment!”

I love the shock and awe reactions. That’s a big compliment!”

An adventurous person by nature, even as a mere 5 year old Anam wanted to take control over a bike.  She learnt how to ride from her father, and from riding motorcycles she progressed to performing stunts. “I saw some guys doing these stunts and I asked them how they did it. At first, they made fun asking if I even knew how to ride a motorcycle. I told them that I did, and then they told me how it’s done. I tried and was able to do it in the first attempt. That boosted my confidence to go ahead with it.”

Pursuing stunt riding, especially as a girl, has been an uphill task for Anam. Financial difficulties, society’s disapproval, parents’ scepticism, are just a few of the problems that have plagued her journey. Nonetheless, she has ridden her way to success, traversing the rocky terrain with grit and hard work.

Anam Hashim
Anam Hashim

She is the youngest female rider to scale the Khardung La pass on a 110 TVS Scooty. A treacherous journey that she completed in 18 days. Talking about how it happened, she says, “When I got serious about stunts these bike magazines approached me saying that there is this ride which TVS wants to do, and they want a female rider. We believe you can do it. That’s how I got in touch with TVS. I never thought I would do something like this, and that too on a TVS Scooty.” Having successfully completed the trip, Anam proved her prowess as a stunt rider, leading to being appointed brand ambassador for TVS Zest.

A fashion designer by education, Anam isn’t just about riding. She has an artistic streak, and enjoys singing and sketching. She recently started dirt riding and is also into fitness. She says, “Fitness is vital for extreme sports, because you require a lot of fitness training to build strength.”

Literally and figuratively, Anam Hashim’s career choice is tough. But that doesn’t stop her from pursuing it with all her might. You’ve got one life, live it big and Bold, doing what you love.


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