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    Will Thompson
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    Will Thompson
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    Will Thompson
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    Will Thompson

Welcome To Will Thompson’s Artistic Version Of The World

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Will Thompson is a social artist and film-maker. This makes his artwork not just aesthetically pleasing, but socially relevant too. Inspired by current news and events he creates works of art featuring celebrities, and influential personalities on social media. His canvas extends to the streets where he creates art with a compelling message. He says, “I use art as a tool to communicate my vision of the world.”

Sharing the idea behind Will Create, he says, “Will Create is a concept and symbol I developed to add a sense of personal style and flair to my artwork; and to be able to transfer my work to a more social-media-friendly platform. I wanted the phrase ‘I will create’ to become representative of each piece of work I made, and to also inspire others to create their own artwork and styles.”

I use art as a tool to communicate my vision of the world.”

The true test of a person’s character comes during times of distress. When the situation is difficult and it takes every ounce of will power not to give up. But Will stuck it out. “Loving what you do and following your passion will always trump the fear of failing. I now see the negative moments as building blocks for greater projects in my career.” Not one to be stuck in a state of stagnancy, Will says, “My dream is always evolving at the same time my artwork is, and this keeps me going and striving for new things. That’s the key; to adapt your goals to your current situation as an artist.”

Will Create is a concept and symbol I developed to add a sense of personal style and flair to my artwork.”

Will ThompsonFor Will, just sharing his work with his followers is not enough. Given the subjective nature of art, he says, “Creating a narrative around my paintings and capturing the process is just as important as the artwork itself. As technology and the way to capture the world around us progresses, so does the way in which artists can communicate their work to the world – this excites me more than anything.” Thrilled about future endeavours Will says, London will become my canvas and collaborating with brands, artists and other influential people is only the start of my 2017.”

Preaching what he practices, Will advises aspiring artists to establish their own unique style. He urges them to use technology to communicate and express their message. “Use the resources you have to your advantage, take your artwork into the 21st century and most importantly have fun and be passionate about what your message is.”

Will Thompson is an artist with a message. Staying true to his values, he is able to create authentic works of art. Do what you love with integrity and sincerity, everything else will fall into place.

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