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From Leading The Boardroom To Mastering The Stage Of Comedy – Jeeveshu Ahluwalia Slays!

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The malignant ‘Monday Allergy’ is an epidemic. And this epidemic has caused many a brilliant straight-laced boardroom guys to foray into comedy. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is one such stand-up comedian who followed the same path. He quit his corporate job of 16 years and took the stand-up stage by storm.  

“It was an experience to work in a movie with such [Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone], and boy, are they humble and easy to reach out to!”

If you have watched his stand-up sketches, you will be familiar with Jeeveshu’s style of comedy. He makes light of regular issues that we all face as typical Indians while also taking a dig or two at himself. From appeasing his very enthusiastic mother to fat-guy troubles (his own), his jokes hit home, making him relatable, and hence popular with his audience. Apart from cracking hilarious and witty jokes, Jeeveshu also made his début alongside Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in the hit film ‘Tamasha’. For any non-celebrity person such an opportunity is an eye opener, and Jeeveshu speaks of it saying, “It was an experience to work in a movie with such superstars, and boy, are they humble and easy to reach out to!” Most often we have a stereotypical idea of the film industry. Jeeveshu learned much more than his script lines through this experience. He further adds, “I have gained utmost respect for these guys. Even if it is a bad movie, it takes a person’s heart and soul to make it. I would love to get into acting as I see it as a natural progression.”

“Do [stand-up] for the right reason which is passion for the art form. The rest is outside noise.”

‘Tamasha’ and performing over 1500 shows across widely different genres came much later for Jeeveshu. He started out with the usual corporate lug, but being the funny guy, Jeeveshu charmed the room with laughter during most parties. And at one such party, something serendipitous happened: Ela. Jeeveshu elaborates, “During one of those parties a woman named Ela saw me and referred me to her cousin Kunal Rao who is the co-founder of East India Comedy. He referred me to Amit Tandon who used to own a restaurant which hosted comedy nights, and that’s where I started with my first two minutes of comedy. The rest is history!”

From a two minute nerve-wrecking stand-up debut to having his own hour long shows across the world, Jeeveshu has come a long way. He has expanded his interests and has been dipping his fingers into multiples TVC bowls. You can spot him in TV commercials for Comedy Central India, Philips, Grofers, and more. Along with making his mark in the film industry, Jeeveshu made his TV debut on Zee TV in 2014 with the show, ‘Gangs of Haseepur’.

Good times such as these come only after suffering through unpleasant ones. The actor and comedian talks about how hard it got for him, “The initial phase is always tough when finances are tough and hard to come by, and if it is added on to by the audience not laughing at your jokes then it makes it even worse.”

Jeeveshu succinctly describes the journey of comedy: Tragedy plus time is Comedy. He shares his approach to comedy, which also serves as useful advice, “I observe and I live and that’s all I need to get to my comedy.”

Advising other comedians to relax and be original, Jeeveshu says, “Do it for the right reason which is passion for the art form. The rest is outside noise.” Practising what he preaches, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia shows that doing away with the typical ways of a ‘prosperous’ life may perhaps turn out to be even more loaded and happier than expected.

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