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From His Parent’s Garage to Ranking in the Billboard’s Top 100 – The Art of Tyler Ward

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From singing in church with his bass guitar, to ranking at No.5 in the Billboard’s Top 100 Uncharted List, and having his own label – Tyler Ward Studios. Tyler Ward’s career has had plenty of colour in it. In 2011, Tyler performed a duet with The Band Perry, celebrating the Academy of Country Music Awards and went on a tour with Boyce Avenue. And later that year, he performed with Christina Grimmie live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Music is not just hopes and dreams; it is as serious as any other job”

For someone who started his music career from his parent’s basement, this acoustic rock and country pop artist has gone on to have five successful world tours and has played many shows with popular artists like  SwitchfootThe Beach BoysAloe BlaccThe Jonas BrothersThe Fray and many more. Despite such a shot of fame, this American singer, writer, and producer still keeps it humble by setting up his studio in the garage where it all started.

Tyler, who once thought his future was going to be that of a school teacher or a football coach, says that he had never imagined his life to pan out as it has today, instead he says that he clearly remembers when his peers were finding success and he felt all his hard work would never pay off. Such moments of self-doubt are the worst, especially when the common question rears up its spiky head, “Since it was happening for everyone else I wonder what am I doing wrong?”, a question that Tyler asked himself one too many times. And when reality would bite, Tyler says he did the only thing that made sense to him, “Saying yes to opportunities and continue to create things that I love and am passionate about.” Keeping a level head, he further adds, “Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.”

You fall seven times; you pick yourself up eight times.”

Despite all, Tyler often keeps himself optimistic and his chin up saying, “You fall seven times; you pick yourself up eight times”.  With a passionate temper, and a strong will to follow his dream and to push himself harder and further, Tyler expresses that his personal challenge was, “To take criticism from people and not taking that to heart, not caring what people think.” Tyler, who benefited a lot from all the inputs his loved ones gave him, further adds on to say, “People who love and support you will criticise you, need to take it in a positive spirit.”

Tyler giving an example about how proud his parents feel says that in his dad’s latest blog, his father gushes on about Tyler’s music career. With plenty more opportunities to come his way and gaining a fandom, this ‘social-media artist’ says, “I am going to continue putting up original music and covers. Because people find my work on Spotify, and enjoy his music and then follow his music, which is amazing.”

People who love and support you will criticise you, need to take it in a positive spirit.”

Tyler Ward who has grown from the bottom up in his career understands perfectly that things aren’t always honey and roses and just because you have the passion to follow your dream, things aren’t going to get easy one bit, saying, “If you are going to aim for music professionally there are going to be doubts in your head if you can do this or not. And if you are a planning to get professional, you have to push through the days of doubt.” Tyler says, “Music is not just hopes and dreams; it is as serious as any other job, Professionals must expect to get paid, have a professional behaviour when it comes to music, respect the art and practise to get better. Take this as a serious job.”

Every bold move Tyler Ward made brought him closer to making the career he had never fathomed for himself. But the brilliant ones must often make bold choices that leave them at uncertain crossroads. Just remember, like this Billboard top charter, follow the harder choices, for they bear the sweetest of fruits.

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