10 Songs Engineers Are Dedicating To Themselves After The H1-B Visa News

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  1. (Not)Leaving On A Jet Plane – John Denver – Taking the Mickey out of John Denver’s Leaving On A Jet Plane. Indian Engineers won’t be leaving on a jet plane, any time soon, to U.S.A after the new amendments to the law by Donald Trump.
  2. Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve – As pointed out in the song, there’s no place like home. There’s a better place for engineers called ‘USA’, but Engineers will have to resort to staying at home and pretending not to care.
  3. Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg- After restricted entry into the U.S.A, all Engineers must drop all plans of going there, like it’s hot!
  4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Greenday – Engineering dreams have been broken because of the H1-B Visa limitations and this classic from Greenday sums up all the emotions these poor guys are going through.
  5. There’s no place like home. There’s a better place for engineers called ‘USA’

  6. 99 Problems – Jay Z- Engineers have 99 problems as it is. After this new amendment by Donald Trump, we can add one more to the list.
  7. Airplanes –B.O.B Feat. Eminem – The song repeatedly uses the term “Let’s pretend”, implying that if they had to pretend that they didn’t make the choices that they made, they wouldn’t be in the place that are. Unfortunately for our Engineers, pretending that they’re on an airplane for the United States of America is the only virtual option.

  8. Don’t Give Up – Kevin Rudolph – Some of our more optimistic Engineers are bumping this song, hoping for a miracle to happen to get a work visa to the U.S.
  9. Someone Like You(S.A.) – Adele- Never mind, Techies will find someone like you(S.A.). After all the hard work and money spent solely on the dream of working in U.S.A, at least they have to hope they will.
  10. Rock Bottom – Eminem – This song will help explore the anxiety and helplessness every Engineer is going through in this time of crisis, and maybe help themselves believe that it’s not the worst situations to be in.
  11. Fix You – Coldplay – After all the broken dreams of the Engineers in the country, this is a song that can help relieve a bit of the pain. Who else can fix you at times like these other than Coldplay?

Let us know in the comments if you think any other songs are appropriate to Engineers in this time of crises.

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