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The Tale of India’s Original Speed-Painter Who Celebrities Bow To

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Vilas Nayak recognized his passion for painting at the tender age of three. After his share of struggles to keep up his dream alive while he worked in his regular IBM job, Vilas received his first break in 2011, with “India’s Got Talent” season three.  He simultaneously transitioned to a more difficult and eye-catching technique of painting called “Speed Painting” which amplified his talent and helped him get to the finale of “India’s Got Talent”. This platform helped him catapult to the forefront or art, also providing him opportunities to meet and paint for great personalities like the former president, Late. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, A.R Rahman, Pele, and so many more. The end result is not just a flawless portrait but also a humbled bow from majority of the celebrities and personalities for his art.

It’s very important to know that, as a child we all have special talents and somehow many of us fail to recognize that talent.”

The gifted artist says his first inspiration for sketching came from nature, and used the greenery and mountains around his home at Ujire, Mangalore, as fuel to drive his passion.

His passion and perseverance towards art helped him explore 23 countries, but he’s only a quarter of the way there, in terms of his ambition. Vilas wants to take his art to, at least, 100 countries before he turns 50, saying, “The greatest joy for an artist is to travel beyond boundaries, reach out to people and be embraced with regard, the appreciation he gets.”

Apart from travelling, Vilas is also deeply passionate about working with children, visiting rural villages, and inspiring them to understand their true calling of life, making him a bold role model to look up to. He says, “It’s very important to know that, as a child we all have special talents and somehow many of us fail to recognize that talent.”And, luckily for the speed painter, he had a very supportive family that encouraged him to follow his heart whenever possible.

No matter your profession, money will follow if you’re happy and pursue what you really want to do. Follow your heart and take calculated risks.”

His family, although very supportive, were worried about the choices he made professionally. Deviating from a conventional career path gets every parent a little worried, especially when your child is excelling academically. Vilas held the 7th rank in B.A from Mangalore University and 2nd rank in Social Work from Mysore University, so, the transition to a full time artist was slightly more challenging for Vilas to achieve.

Being such a bright student, people often advised him to let go of his passion and pursue a sure-shot, career in the corporate world, which would provide job and financial securities. “Many told me that Art was not the way to go. I can understand where it comes from, and it’s not wrong at all. It’s a genuine concern.”, says Vilas. This advice got to Vilas’ head and he contemplated giving up his art and stuck to a professional career, saying, “There was a phase when I had made up my mind for a corporate job and I thought to myself that Art is just not happening with me.”

zHe however couldn’t give up his passion that easy as it had been engrained in his soul for all this time. So, he decided to pursue painting, while simultaneously working in multinational companies. And, after about 6 years in working for MNCs, Vilas took a huge risk and quit his job to feed his life-long passion for painting.

He has never looked back since, and is just amazed at how an overnight, bold decision can change one’s life forever. He says, “Last five years has been an amazing journey, to meet such great people and perform for them.”  The challenge and the risk he took to choose art as a career is scary and thrilling at the same time, but it’s worth it, exclaimed Vilas.

The artist believes that everyone has a calling in their life. Spending a lot of time in isolation will help a person discover it, and, being bold and persistent in pursuing the calling is what will make a person successful at it. “No matter your profession, money will follow if you’re happy and pursue what you really want to do. Follow your heart and take calculated risks.”, says Vilas Nayak.

Brilliance of his paintings are a sight to behold, especially that of his live art works. Being brilliantly confident in his work, bold in his decision and a humble person is how Villas Nayak has been inspiring artists all over India.

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