9 pieces of information that Jayalalithaa’s spirit revealed to Mr.Panneerselvam

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Panneerselvam was elected as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu following the death of Jayalalithaa a.k.a “Amma”. Just a few days after he was elected, he decided to resigned, and subsequently, while meditating at Jayalalithaa’s memorial, he revealed that Amma’s spirit communicated to him, telling him to revoke his resignation and reveal the truth about “Members of the Party”, referring to Sasikala. “I want to reveal some truths to the people of the country and members of the party, Amma’s aatma (spirit) has urged me to do so”, he says.

Although it may seem like a farfetched and obvious attempt at political theater, we actually do believe that Jayalalithaa’s spirit had a hearty conversation with Mr. Panneerselvam. However, our sources tell us that the spirit did not particularly tell him what he claims.

Reliable sources are telling us the possible conversation that Amma had to share with Mr. Panneerselvam.

  • Don’t resign and live a tasteless life, add some spice. And that was the birth of Panner Chilly!

Bend over so I can kick your ass for one last time.

  • They’ll kill you too. Move to England, grow a beard and change your name to Cottage cheeselvam.

  • I have only a few minutes on earth, I don’t want you, paneer, I want to feed on fancy chicken legs (sassy(kaal)a)!

  • Don’t worry I’m fine. I’m in a place just like home. Hot, stuffy, goon-filled, and it’s ruled by the devil.

  • Bend over so I can kick your ass for one last time.

  • Dude, MGR was praising your acting at my funeral. Good Job!

  • You’re useless! You’ll never get praises. At-least in hell you’ll be “well-done Paneer”.

  • It’s so hot here. I know what real dehydration is now. Must be Karma kicking my ass for taking away water from Karnataka.

  • I just realized why Karunanidhi is always calm. He smokes some real good shit, man.

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