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The Sindhi Girl Who Built An Empire In The Tech World

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Manisha Raisinghani, the founder of LogiNext, one of the fastest growing SaaS (software as a service) companies for logistics, planning and field workforce optimization, has created a mark in the technological arena like no other. Already having been established in 10 countries, not only has she created one of the most successful and world renowned tech companies, but she has also managed to break past the stereotype that society has placed on women in the technical field, saying, “The society has certain expectations from women that stop short of a successful career in technology.”

The society has certain expectations from women that stop short of a successful career in technology.”

Ignoring society, Manisha passionately chased her ambition of being an entrepreneur, and believes that, being raised in a Sindhi community which was surrounded by entrepreneurs helped her in reaping the mindset and ambition to become one herself, saying, “They say there is always two elements to a person’s outlook; nature and nurture, I bought together elements from both, to create a hybrid mix of success.” One of her skills she embodied from this mix is her knack of problem solving, which she says is one of the reasons she is this successful. The techie goes on to say, “Any problem I see, I instantly trouble shoot, sometimes involuntarily. This is how I keep myself ahead of the tide and keep looking forward to growth.”

Although passionate, equipped and driven to be an entrepreneur, running a technology based company always comes with challenges that arrive sporadically and from all sides. There were moments when Manisha felt that her dreams were farther away than she had fancied, recalling her first hire. The first employee she hired didn’t show up on the second day, possibly because of the subdued set up that consisted of a few systems and a small office, says the entrepreneur. This however turned out to be an encouraging anecdote, which drove her to install the highest grade of technology with an ocean of extremely talented employees. The ability to overcome challenges is a key principle to become a successful entrepreneur, and the team at LogiNext is exceptionally able in this aspect. Manisha shares her attitude towards dealing with challenges by quoting, “Everyday throws up some new issue or challenge which we overcome, sometimes easily, and sometimes with incredible innovation. Every day we dust off our success, and prepare for the challenges of the future.”

Any problem I see, I instantly trouble shoot, sometimes involuntarily. This is how I keep myself ahead of the tide and keep looking forward to growth.”

Despite all the challenges she foresees, Manisha dreams of establishing her products to a 100 countries in the next couple of years, while simultaneously developing and integrating the latest and most innovative features into them. Her success vouches for her dreams and it is not very farfetched when she says, “We are well on our way to be the best SaaS enterprise in the space of logistics planning and workforce optimization.”

Manisha, like all successful entrepreneurs, would like to pass on her wisdom and knowledge to others. It’s been told that boundaries and limitations are made up in the mind and breaking through them is one of the greatest feelings in the world. She attests to this by saying, “Never restrict yourself with pseudo-boundaries, it’s all in the mind, believe in yourself and you can break through all barriers.”

It’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to not try. The bold decision that Manisha Raisinghani took to pursue her entrepreneurial calling, helped her conquer the technological world. But perseverance is what got her where she wants to be. She says, “You never know what you will achieve unless you try.  Persevere, there is always a solution waiting to be discovered. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And finally, be bold! trust yourself, and the world will follow.”


    • Congratulations. Everyone is proud of your success and accomplishments.

      And, thank you for qualifying the headline with your caste heritage in the title, saves a few Google searches for the curious. Just like when P.V. Sindhu got into the limelight, the Indian masses were more interested to find out what caste she belongs to, rather than the steps or the hard work she embodied to get to where she is today. You’ve saved a lot of people time and Google some bandwidth in serving those queries.

  1. Dear Manisha,

    Congratulations and Proud of you

    Wish you all the best for your future endeavors

    Haresh Raisinghani

  2. Congratulation manana, well done . This is not for Sindhi pride. This is the power of women who is more powerful against men who think that women have more power to do any thing. and now they get big achievement which can’t do men. Thanks women power and wish u all womens to happy women day

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