Ten Reasons Why Drugs Need To Be Legalized

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The Former Columbian president, César Gaviria who led a “War on Drugs” against drug the drug-lord, Pablo Escobar advised the current President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte to not follow the mistakes that he committed during the 80’s.

According to Mr. Gaviria, the war against drugs was wrong and would likely worsen the situation. In his opinion in the New York Times, he said that “throwing more soldiers and police at the drug users is not just a waste of money but also can actually make the problem worse,”

We would like to go one step further by saying that illegalizing drugs cause more harm than legalizing them.

Below listed are some of the reasons why drugs need to be legalized in India.

    1. Expensive affair – Making a certain drug illegal, doesn’t necessarily make it unavailable. It simply makes it more expensive to acquire, and the people who want it are going to find it, one way or the other, spending lots more than they would it were legal.
    2. A-grade Quality – People that die from certain kinds of drugs, e.g. Marijuana, LSD, etc, usually die from the impurities contained in the drug, rather than the drug itself. The act of legalizing drugs opens up the market for big companies to compete and provide the public with the highest quality drugs, reducing diseases, and in worse cases death counts caused by the impurities. We imagine a future where Patanjali is running a campaign on their 100% pure, Baba grade Marijuana, endorsed by Baba Ramdev, himself.
    3. Safety first– Several studies have suggested that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than a ton of drugs including, marijuana, LSD, mushrooms, ecstasy, and many more drugs. What is even more shocking is that alcohol is the most harmful drug in the world. Cocaine, Crack-cocaine, Heroin and even methamphetamine are all concluded to be less harmful that alcohol. However, one must note that some of these substances are more addictive than alcohol and tobacco.
    4. Decline of the criminal empire – It’s a well known fact that the drug empire is controlled by the criminal empire. Legalizing drugs will minimize, if not end, criminal activities like terrorism, land jacking, etc. In a 2.5 year study of Detroit crime, Lester P. Silverman, former associate director of the National Academy of Sciences’ Assembly of Behavior and Social Sciences, found that a 10 percent increase in the price of heroin alone “produced an increase of 3.1 percent total property crimes in poor nonwhite neighborhoods.” Armed robbery jumped 6.4 percent and simple assault by 5.6 percent throughout the city. So, let’s join hands and allow our non-violent corporate criminals to provide us with some incredibly dope shit.
    5. Freedumb – Patriotic and deluded Indians would say that India is a free country. Unfortunately for them, a country where one has to be told what he can or cannot do, a nation where one cannot consume beef, watch porn or even celebrate Valentine ’s Day is called dictatorship. Illegalizing drugs is another way of depriving us of our rights and freedom. A free country is one where a person is allowed to ingest anything into his body without having to face horrifying and painful criminal charges.

Recent studies point to the direction that marijuana can be medically used to help, and in some cases, cure certain diseases.

    1. Balance the budget – Legalize drugs, charge taxes and balance the stupid budget. Every year we here the politicians complain about how the yearly budget isn’t balancing. Well, here’s an idea. Statistics show that more than 50% of people aged in the range of 15-35 have used some form of illegal drugs. And almost everyone wants the budget balanced. Like George Carlin mentioned, even in a fake democracy, the people ought to get what they want once in a while.

    1. Diminishing diseases – In some cases, a drug is injected into the body via syringes causing an unhygienic system of intake that breeds diseases like hepatitis, HIV and many more. A controlled environment with strict standards for companies to follow while manufacturing and distributing these drugs would diminish these diseases.
    2. Good information – Legalizing drugs will give organizations an incentive to provide true and accurate information about drugs, as opposed to society’s advice linking marijuana use to a homeless, brain-dead, un-driven individual.

  1. Scope for medical research – Recent studies point to the direction that marijuana can be medically used to help, and in some cases, cure certain diseases. Similarly, LSD has medical benefits as well. Imagine the scope for medical advancement when researchers are free to experiment with them without government intervention.
  2. Promote sanity – The most important reason to legalize drugs is that, in my opinion, it would promote sanity. Imagine if the Shiv Sena smoked weed- They would kiss each other instead of opposing Valentine ’s Day, the government would lift the ban on beef and would ban beefing amongst each other, and Ram and Ravan would have made peace without having the need to make-up mythological monkey figures.

Just to be clear, we’re not promoting or selling the idea of consuming drugs. The drugs sell themselves. However, we would like to tell all the kids who are reading this to just consider the above points, study hard, become the prime minister and legalize drugs.

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