7 Things That’s Going On In Sasikala’s Head While Serving Sentence In Bangalore.

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  • Who do I have to pay off to get out of this situation?

  • Haha! I’m having the last laugh for not being allowed special treatment. This place is so much more sophisticated that TN.

  • What has my life come to? From making a fool out of Jayalalithaa and Tamil Nadu to making candles in prison.

  • Without the heat from TN, I will gain weight in the wrong places and my “assets will be disproportionate”.

  • Was Donald Trump here? Coz the walls here are too high to jump over.

  • It’s so ironic that I’ve been living the life of a superstar and now that I’m in a place that sucks the life out of me, I’m granted permission to take part in the “Art of Living”.

  • Jayalalithaa’s spirit didn’t warn me about this.

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