Why We Think The Government Is Scamming The Common Man

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The list of ideas that demonstrate how our government is scamming us

  • Taxes – Don’t get me wrong, the tax system is a wonderful ideology to develop a nation. And, in theory it is supposed to equalize the wealth amongst the people. But in practicality, why would a man aim at earning more money if he simply gets the same amount of money as everyone else? The truth is, the majority of us try to evade as much tax as we can, and the government uses for themselves the lion’s share of the taxes paid. This is what Ashoka’s Pillar actually resembles with the lion heads. 
    Taxes are meant to be paid by all persons receiving an income. And, out of all the money that has to be taxed, about 40% is accounted for, out of which, 30% is actually being paid,  50% of the paid tax  is pocketed by the government, and we assume that a mere 20%, and at max, 30% is actually being used for the development of the country. Although we just made up these numbers for demonstrative purposes, the truth isn’t very far off.

  • Lavish Lifestyles– An average MLA earns about 60-70k a month. However, their lavish lifestyles says a different story altogether. 
    How it is that the government is able to obtain plush bungalows and imported sports cars with their “common-man” salary?
    Although it is evident that some channels of their income are of illegal sources, they never seem to get caught, and even if they do, they seem to get away with it swiftly.
    In short, they acquire money from the public illegally and use the same money to dig themselves out of their “unfortunate circumstances”, and nobody seems to be raising an eyebrow or even an eye-lash over it.

The extra money goes towards the privilege of having top notch, mega-sized government employees that are in charge of issuing licenses.

  • Business Opportunities– The licenses one must acquire to start a business, for example, don’t cost as much as business owners actually pay for it. Business owners often end up paying several times more than what it legally costs to obtain business licenses, which constrains our economy from growing, drastically. 
    The extra money goes towards the privilege of having top notch, mega-sized government employees that are in charge of issuing licenses.
    Apart from the government scamming and limiting the number of businesses by issuing licenses at a premium price, the local police also generate illegal income by extorting a daily wage from businesses just so the businesses don’t receive any problems from the cops. Almost like the ways of the Mafia, except these criminals have badges that is backed by other criminals.

  • Pointless laws – Rather that cracking down on terrorist organizations,  drug dealers, violent criminals and corrupt officials, which are all financially intensive activities, instead the government utilizes their time by fining people for not wearing a helmet. Granted, that helmets are safer for us. However, the odds of someone incurring a head injury in city limits where the traffic moves at 25km/h is practically zero! 
    Fines help bulk up the government’s yearly income and also the size of a police officer’s wallet in some cases. And, at a purely financial standpoint, it makes sense to implement rules that the public are going to break in large numbers, just so the government can benefit financially from it. 
    Also think about the “moolah” they got from major helmet manufactures in return for passing this lucrative law.

These ingenious scams are in the open now and they don’t even try to conceal it anymore. While the working class is known to be the backbone of the country’s economy, it’s the rich, oppressive and corrupt politicians that benefit out of it instead of the economy. Our economy has a slipped disc and it’s going to take the bold and courageous to fix it.

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