10 Ridiculous Reasons Why People In India Are Forced Towards Marriage.

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An article recently on deccanchronicle.com shares a story about a brilliant hard working student who went on to work in a reputable company, following her dreams and acing life. She later, forcefully got married to a man of her parent’s choice while leaving behind her career. She quits her job and is now being assaulted by her husband.

This kind of oppression is a daily occurrence in India and women don’t report it because they’re scared, embarrassed, and in this case, concerned for her parents.

In India, women are forced to get married after a certain age and the reasoning is even more ridiculous.

Some reasons Indian parents use to rationalize marriage are:-

  • You are getting too fat/bald/skinny/ugly/old/ to stay single.

  • The last phase before marriage i.e., getting a job, is completed. Move on to the next level soon.

  • It’s your great grandfather’s brother’s wife’s sister’s second husband’s last wish for you to get married.

  • The astrologer said that if you don’t get married by this year, you’ll never get married.

  • The younger you are, the hotter the guy/girl that’ll be okay to marry you.

  • You can wear your favorite, most expensive clothes on your marriage.

  • Society won’t accept you if you are unmarried after a certain age.

  • The proposal you got is from a rich family. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

  • Marriage will help you get more responsible.

  • How will your younger sister get married if you don’t.

What are some other reasons society uses to promote marriage.

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