9 Thoughts On Humanity That Goes Through An Alien’s Mind After Landing On Earth.

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NASA has discovered 7 earth sized planets that’s revolving around a dwarf star about 39 light years away from the sun. They believe that some of these planets are habitable and may contain liquid water on the surface.

Before we could even think about moving human beings to another planet, we should first contemplate if aliens would accept us. After landing on Earth and realizing that we’re not as smart or civilized as we claim to me, we doubt they would host us, Earthlings, on their planet.

Below mentioned are the thoughts that playing in an alien’s mind after they have landed on earth:

These humans are taking pictures of themselves and are putting it on other virtual dimensions for validation from people they meet on a daily basis.

We’re too late. An Alien has already taken over Earth.

5% of the population own 95% of the wealth can end hunger and poverty but they rather suck on oddly shaped, cylindrical bundle that’s lit on one end.

They’re enslaving the physically weaker, more attractive looking human. No way are they getting in my planet.

They keep fighting and killing over imaginary characters that they believe created the universe, they call “God”. Our Uncle Zed can sue them. He has a patent for creating it!

Humans are more worried about the news of famous people they’ve never met, while their kid is depressed and suicidal.

Earthlings love to poison themselves, especially during the weekends, to relieve themselves from their dead-end job that they go back to on the weekday. Why? Why? Why?

Drugs that can cure diseases need authorization from a special human while harmful drugs can be bought over the counter.

They’ve created imaginary boundaries on the planet, dividing them into various groups that they like to call countries. And, they fight against each other over resources.

No way in Uncle Zed’s name are these human parasites getting on our planet!

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