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Kubra Sait Cuts Off The Anchors And Sails Away To Stardom

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Kubra Sait is one of the most admired emcees and one of the top anchors in the entertainment business who has always had her way in charming the audiences. She has anchored some of the most prestigious events like Filmfare Awards, The IAA Crown Awards, Fair and Lovely Awards, to name a few. Thus, it shouldn’t​ come across as a surprise that she was crowned “India’s Best Female Emcee” at the “Live Quotient Award” in 2013. The charismatic emcee who always was interested in theatre, later got her break in Bollywood, and also had the chance to work alongside Salman Khan in the hit movie “Sultan”.

I’d like a career that is as wholesome and well balanced as my diet.”

Before getting to be the person Kubra is today, one must know that she was a finance student who worked for huge Multi-National Companies before taking the bold move to fully immerse herself in the entertainment business. There were struggles and low points in her life that had to be conquered in order for her to become the person she is today. She believes that joy and sorrow are just phases of life and says, “It’s a cycle of reeling with joy and happiness about everything going right, but the bumps in the way allow me to reflect and segregate the right moves from the not so right ones.” She also reminisces about a time when she tried to experiment with managing herself, but the bumpy road she faced helped her realign with her “Momager” again, says the successful emcee.

The sense of joy after every successful event or project I do, still feels fresh.”

Kubra SaitKubra recalls hosting her first show at a young age of 12 or 13, and says it was a nerve wrecking experience. Although the emcee may have made elementary grammatical errors in her nervous attempt to put on a good show, the aftermath has always been elating, she says. This euphoric phenomenon that she experiences has been one of her primary forces in driving her passion to stick to the entertainment business. She attests to this by saying, “The sense of joy after every successful event or project I do, still feels fresh.”

Her enthusiasm and zeal to blend into the entertainment industry provided her with an opportunity to enter into Bollywood, and being the go-getter that she is, there were no second thoughts. She jumped to the forefront of Bollywood and featured in several movies including Sultan. She also has had the opportunity to work in a Yash Raj Film, and be a part of at least 300 brand events. When asked how she felt about being around superstars, she says, “At first, I hope I don’t say the wrong thing. But I breathe, and it all works out just fine. They don’t have super powers to dumbfound me; they are all very loving and kind.”

Kubra SaitKubra now looks forward to working in more movies, more recognizable roles, and bigger stages, while trying to balance love, travel and experiences as well. She says, “I’d like a career that is as wholesome and well balanced as my diet.” Being a successful individual herself, Kubra likes to pass on her mother’s wisdom to the ambitious and bold people out there. She simply says that patience is the key to success and we couldn’t agree more with the charming and gorgeous Kubra Sait. 

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