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The Start-Up That Helps You Begin Your Life Just The Way You Both Want

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The most cherished moments of our lives require preparation, and The Knottt helps many of us celebrate such special moments with their immaculate planning. When Shiv Dhanya was approached by a friend to help assist in planning a Sangeet ceremony, she never imagined it would eventually lead to starting her own event company: The Knottt. After planning her friend’s wedding, along with her co-founder and school friend, Gautham Reddy, she became confident and eventually got more requests for planning weddings. Shiv says, “It is funny that we didn’t think we’d get into wedding planning business. Gautham and I have known each other for several years already and he was totally confident about us.  After extensive research we decided that wedding planning seemed like a perfect fit for our skill base and would provide a great work-life balance.”

Securing a standard office is part of what will consume a large chunk of your start-up capital.”

Passionately working in the event industry together, Shiv and Gautham have been successfully operating in Chennai for four years now. However, the starting phase of their business was daunting. From managing finances in a cost-effective way to trying to get a standard office space, she understood nuances of the industry. “Securing a standard office is part of what will consume a large chunk of your start-up capital, but if you choose to start the business on a small scale with an office from your home, you may not have the need to go source for funds to finance the business.”

Organizing events require intense planning and detailed management. And, Shiv enjoys working hard to make sure her clients are happy. The biggest incentive for the wedding planner is meeting people from all walks of life and curating their loved moments.

Destination weddings are not just extra intimate; it’s like a two-for-one, with a wedding and a honeymoon.”

Their customers belong to different cultural backgrounds, and The Knottt is a master of all trades when it comes to planning weddings; fusing individual preferences and modern adaptations to old cultural traditions. They have organized weddings with out-of-the-box themes and they notice a rising trend for it. Sharing her experience of planning a Hawaiian themed wedding, she says, “A Hawaiian theme evokes romantic images of beaches, sunsets, tropical flowers, luaus, leis, and ukulele music. We loved planning this theme for the bride and the groom.”

Couples these days have independent ideas for their wedding as well, like, destination weddings, which Shiv says is another rising trend. “One of the most popular options for brides and grooms these days are destination weddings. It’s easy to see why destination weddings are not just extra intimate; it’s like a two-for-one, with a wedding and a honeymoon.”

Apart from successfully organizing weddings, they also plan various types of events. From baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events, The Knottt does everything from a simple day of assistance and coordinating, to making sure the event goes perfectly as planned, without any issues.

Watching love, laughter, and happy tears on the faces of their clients gives Shiv Dhanya immense satisfaction in making these events memorable. Her story of plunging into the event industry, despite unpredictable outcomes, inspires us all to make bold choices and strive ahead with courage, confidence, and determination.


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