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    Zishaan Hayath
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    Zishaan Hayath
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How Zishaan Left Trails Of Successes To Help Other Individuals Do The Same

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Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Goteti, the founders of ‘Toppr’ is a boon for students that are studying for their boards, Olympiads, and various engineering and medical competitive exams. The entrepreneur has enabled the students to comprehensively study and perform the best for these exams. By organizing learning through four modules, namely: video lectures, practice questions, tests, and clearing doubts via chat, a student has a better chance of performing better in an exam. These modules are built on more than one million learning pieces, giving students access to 1,000+ hours of video lectures, concept, and study materials that are created by India’s best teachers.

No matter when or where a student wants to learn, practice or even ask a doubt to a tutor, Toppr is available 24×7.”

The achievements that count

The founders, who are both IIT graduates, founded the app in 2013. With the drive and ambition to make it a comprehensive learning solution for students, they have eventually succeeded in making the app a household name for Indian students. Winning the Best Educational Website Award at the Indian Digital Awards 2017 presented by IAMAI, the founders believe that each and every student has a unique path to attain his/her goals, and goes on to say, “No matter when or where a student wants to learn, practice or even ask a doubt to a tutor, Toppr is available 24×7.”

Involving himself in multiple avenues

Zishaan always had an entrepreneurial flame burning in him. In 2008, the entrepreneur co-founded a phone commerce marketplace called Chaupaati Bazaar, one of the earliest companies in the Indian e-commerce space, which was eventually acquired by India’s largest retailer, Future Group, in 2010. The versatile personality is also a serial angel investor, investing in startups such as Ola Cabs, Chaayos, SquadRun, AdPushup, Housing.com, and many more. As if that’s not amazing enough, Zishaan wears another hat by running a highly regarded angel investment group called ‘Powai Lake Ventures’.

Patterns of success

Having proved himself in the very competitive field of business, we believe that the bold entrepreneur is bound to keep achieving and turn into one of the most holistic and successful entrepreneurs of India. Thousands of entrepreneurs can learn and benefit from his story which basically says that building a habit and creating a pattern in your life can take you places that you’ve never imagined. Discipline is the key of success, and every person in pursuit of success needs to do what he has to on a daily basis, whether he feels like it or not.

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