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Keep Your Heart in Good Hands with Cardiotrack

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Cardiotrack is the latest software available in the market to help track your medical record and integrates with the Android management system software so that you can track your health status on your phone via an app. It can help detect heart-related problems, refer you to the right specialists and doctors, track your health and maintain your entire medical record digitally.

The Human Behind the Machine

Ashim Roy is the brains behind this revolutionary technology. Ashim has managed to create a platform that integrates easy healthcare services and mobile phone software that help you track problems like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The doctors can, in turn, diagnose you properly and maintain a complete record of your health and recovery.

As an entrepreneur, I have several interests. Startups are my passion”. I have begun selling my work to patrons across the country, and hope to open a stand-alone store very soon.”

It’s clear that Ashim has had the entrepreneur tick in him ever since he can remember and has started several companies in the US and has worked in many different countries. Startups are Ashim’s passion and he thrives on innovating and creating new things.

Even though Cardiotrack takes up 90% of his time, he still lends a helping hand to other start-ups as a part time mentor. Ashim has enjoyed success in the telecommunications sector too and is now focused at changing the age old, conditioned working of the medical industry. His engineering background enables him to deliver simplified solutions to fill up gaps in the market. He’s involved in the pre-funding of a loT startup too.

What Is the Aim and Objective of Cardiotrack?

Ashim RoyCardiotrack aims at solving all those problems that PHC’s face (primary health care centers) with their diagnosing capabilities, lack of expertise and proper equipment. Cardiotrack provides fast and easy solutions with its state of the art diagnostics platform that is mobile and very affordable too.

It allows the easy and fast sharing of a patient’s test reports and diagnostic data with his doctors and specialists hundreds and thousands of miles away with just the click of a button.

I look forward to a world where Cardiotrack has made a significant difference in the health of people”

Ashim wants to change the way healthcare services will be provided to developing countries. His invention will help save precious time and give a quick diagnosis of the patient’s problem that will help initiate faster treatment and put him on the road to recovery sooner.

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