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    Sahil Kakaria

From Wall Street To Beauty And Fitness, How Does He Do It?

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With the experience he mastered from all the internships in Wall Street in America, and then further sharpening it in Imperial College, London with his MBA, was when Sahil Kakaria found his entrepreneurial idea: GlowVita. GlowVita is a one-stop on-demand beauty, wellness, and fitness app. He also has an experience in banking from London, adding further to his strength in economics and investment procedures, which is where many young entrepreneurs falter.

When you encounter various obstacles is when you find out where the fun and challenge is.”

London gets her services here with GlowVita

Originally from Delhi, Sahil has shifted base to the United Kingdom, more specifically London, where he has turned GlowVita into a start-up to look out for from December 2016. With a very professional attitude, Sahil has built a platform that delivers its services across London. “The app provides users easy access to a range of fully qualified, multi-skilled and multi-cultural professionally trained service providers.” Home or office or any venue of the client’s choice, the services are provided with ease, says Sahil.

Smiling in the eye of the storm

Although Sahil always had been prepared to take on the role of an entrepreneur, the self-made man does face the hodgepodge in various operations in his start-up. However, he says, “When you encounter various obstacles is when you find out where the fun and challenge is.” But what of the times when you are lacking the right tools to repair a big damage? The entrepreneur says, “Most of the times, you will not be equipped with the right tools to deal with a situation and that’s where the opportunity arises to innovate and be creative.”

What began from sheets of paper and lots of brainstorming is now actually proving its potential in London.”

Why run when you can walk

A risk taker and a man who pushes himself away from the comfort zone, Sahil saw a great opportunity in the Beauty, Health and Fitness space in London, for an interactive platform. He and his co-founders have come a long way, he says, “What began from sheets of paper and lots of brainstorming, is now actually proving its potential in London.” Sahil says that the venture is supported by Imperial Innovation’s support unit. Taking this venture forward, Sahil and his team are working to expand from the big city to across U.K, and then globally. Whilst the GlowVita team is still young but ambitious, they are taking one step at a time. “We are making sure we are thorough in our research and preparation before we implement anything new.”

Sahil Kakaria has shown that pushing oneself away from the comfort zone can be fun, challenging, and a great motivator to turn oneself into a successful entrepreneur. Keeping it bold and brave Sahil is one of the 2017-18’s success stories.

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