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    Kavan Antani

Bring Out the Creative Genius in You with India’s Largest Professional Creative Network

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If you’re tired of your mundane desk job or scared of getting sucked into the vortex of corporate uncreativeness, then what you need is IndieFolio. IndieFolio is the perfect outlet for your brilliant, creative and unique ideas.

What’s IndieFolio all about?

IndieFolio, co-founded by graphic designer Kavan Antani, is an online platform and market network for untapped Indian creativity and talent. It is the perfect meeting point where Indian professionals can showcase their creative design ideas and artwork skills, mold them into tangibles, and get various job opportunities in their respective fields of interest. It provides exposure to the underestimated creative talent hidden in India and allows these talents to make a living doing what they love and do best by putting them in touch with interested employers.

The Brains Behind This Bold Idea

Kavan Antani, a Motion Graphics student, created logos and animations for big companies out of his own design studio before he was hit with the idea of IndieFolio. However, he and his co-founder Shashank needed some help materializing their idea as neither of them had much work experience in the Design Market field. They both needed to do a lot of learning – a prerequisite for any budding entrepreneur.

The Creative Bug in Kavan, And The Journey That Led Up to Indiefolio

Fiery passion and indestructible drive – two key elements behind any successful entrepreneur. From a young age itself, Kavan was always inclined towards starting various ventures. He was in charge of his school magazine and led the team that organized his school’s first annual inter-school event.

“Creating something from nothing has always excited me”

Apart from creating new things, looks like the leadership bug too was always in Kavan. He states that, “getting an idea, gathering a smart team to execute it and seeing it come to reality” is what drives him.

Kavan also seems to be a man of many talents as he also writes articles on design and is busy with developing his Linked-in page that teaches other entrepreneurs the importance of design in their branding. He also conducts portfolio workshops at design institutions.

“Start off! Your idea is worth nothing.”

These are some of Kavan’s bold words of encouragement for young and budding entrepreneurs everywhere. He advises those who have an interesting idea in mind to not waste time and put it on paper, create excel sheets or designs using Photoshop. To basically give it substance and life and not let it waste away in their heads. He says not to be disheartened if your new idea isn’t working out but to “fail fast and re-start!” and avoid doing what didn’t work out earlier.

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  1. Such passion and hard work from youth like Kavan portends well for India – more power to him and his team! I especially like his comment on if you have to fail then fail fast and then restart so success will inevitably come sooner?

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