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    Samiya Rafiq
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    Samiya Rafiq
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    Samiya Rafiq
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    Samiya Rafiq
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    Samiya Rafiq
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    Samiya Rafiq
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    Samiya Rafiq
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    Samiya Rafiq

She is Clothed With Strength And Dignity

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The point of all this is knowing about this amazing Pakistani woman who has currently taken initiative with class, grace and dignity.

‘Climbing’ Her Way Past All Obstacles to Greatness

This girl has proven that the outdoors isn’t just for the boys with her passion for mountain climbing. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Samiya Rafiq began her journey of climbing mountains in Northern Pakistan where she sacrificed her city life for that of a mountaineering life.

On December 24, 2016, she began her expedition to climb the highest pass of the Karakoram mountain range – the Khurdopin pass. She became the first female to attempt the highest pass of the Karakoram Range in the winter season.

So What Motivated a Young Girl to Surrender Her Comfortable City Life for One That Was Filled with Challenging “Ups and Downs”, Literally?!

For Samiya, a young adult woman, surrendering to yourself means living your truth, and excavating your passions and primal character. Like most other women her age, she says that surviving the unforgiving winters in the mountains strengthened her mentally and physically. She underwent a complete spiritual change with mountain climbing.

From strengthening and transforming in the marrow of your being, you become a self who begins to trust your own voice, your own gut, one who looks to yourself for definition and direction.

Climbing has always been very meditative and calming, and it continues to be that of me. I have often said that those who accomplish the impossible change the world, as well as something within us.”

The Highest Border Crossing in the World Khunjerav Pass

Samiya also conceptualized the “High Altitude Marathon” in the Khunjerav Pass which is a 4,693-meter high peak in the Karakoram mountains. This challenging event was nicknamed the “uphill battle” and was designed to motivate teenagers who are passionate about running, to live a more active life and make a difference in the world.

Samiya has connected her passion with a purpose of raising awareness among the youth on how to battle depression under the slogan of “Depression fear from my smile”. She encourages more teenagers to play a sport as it will teach them how to build lasting relationships, work well with others, improve their health, build their endurance and overall help them lead a more consistent, well-rounded life.

Do what is right, and then turn your back to every criticism, when the fool speaks, then do not respond back, for better than to answer them is silence.”

A Sacrifice for Something Better, An Inspiration to Other Women to Achieve Their Dreams

Samiya had to make a lot of tough choices to become a mountaineer. She also believes that a woman can do anything a man can do, and do it better. Her advice to other young girls who want to pursue their dreams is – “Don’t let anyone …. men or other women…. trash talk or undermine your dignity. Don’t let anyone tear you down. Look them straight in the eye, head high.”

She says not to let your gender stand in the way of your achievements but instead use it to your advantage and prove to the rest that you can accomplish any task, overcome any obstacle, especially if you’re a girl. Stereotypical thinking hinders girls from doing what they want and achieving their dreams. It’s time for girls to say no to stereotypes, prove the men wrong and go out there and work hard to achieve their goals.

Don’t let anyone …. men or other women…. trash talk or undermine your dignity. Don’t let anyone tear you down. Look them straight in the eye, head high.”

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