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Child Piano Prodigy Loves Playing the Keys Over Kindergarten

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While most 7-year-olds find happiness and contentment building with Legos, playing with their friends or indulging in video games, little Jay Sriram finds happiness in something more soulful – playing the piano. But Jay isn’t just any ordinary child piano player. This kid has mastered – and we mean mastered – the art of playing this not-so-easy instrument in just a matter of one and a half years.

Perfecting The Art of Piano Playing at Just 5

Starting at the tender age of just five and a half, it was obvious that Jay was gifted with golden fingers. It was as if he had been playing the piano for an entire lifetime. And now, at just 7 years of age, Jay can play anything from Beethoven’s soulful Fur Elise to the catchy, signature theme song of Agent 007’s movies – we’re talking about James Bond, of course. There’s nothing that this keyboard playing genius can’t recreate with his magical fingers.


What Is Music According to Little Jay?

“Music is my best friend who lives in my heart”, he answers with a childlike innocence and with the utmost truthfulness that you could expect from someone his age. For Jay, his dad was his inspiration to start playing the piano. He loves to play music in any form that touches his heart and says that there is no limitation to this. It’s hard to believe that Jay is just seven years of age but speaks with the maturity, wisdom, and passion of a proficient piano player, an accomplished musician.

Music is my best friend who lives in my heart”

Currently, Jay is busy doing video shoots for a few select songs that he personally likes. At just 7, he gave his first ever stage performance thanks to his piano teacher, Mr. A.T. Ram and plans to do some series in the coming months. Looks like there’s no stopping this seven-year-old sensation who lets his fingers do the talking.

Words of Wisdom from A 7-Year-Old to Other Aspiring Musicians

When asked if he had any advice that he would like to share with people who are aiming to play a musical instrument too, Jay responds passionately –

Start with a piano in order to get a good musical foundation. I started with a piano. Play it from your heart to your fingers.”

As if mastering the art of playing the piano wasn’t enough, Jay is also learning the violin. A close aunt has also gifted him a classical guitar and he also received a Baroque flute recorder from his dad recently. Jay wishes that schools recognize the importance of teaching music to children and hopes that all schools make music a subject, just like any other subject.

Jay is truly an inspiration to other child musicians and artists who are born with a gift that must not go unnoticed. He boldly believes in the power of music and wants others to believe in it too.

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