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    Rohan Chakravarty

A Wildlife Enthusiast; A Nature Conservationist; A Cartoonist – Green Humour Puts a Fun Twist On Saving the World

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We hear all about the importance of protecting wildlife that’s going extinct or conserving the depleting environment on the news, on the radio and everywhere else; but is anyone really taking it seriously? Well, maybe they would if a little fun and humor were added to the seriousness of wildlife, environment and nature conservation. And that’s exactly what Green Humour is all about – adding a twist of fun, a pinch of humor to all things green!

The Brains, And Hands Behind Green Humour

Rohan Chakravarthy always had an inclination towards art and drawing and his desires to make art his career only heightened after he took up dentistry. He realized that he couldn’t look into other people’s mouths for the rest of his life and needed to make a change in his career choice – fast! That’s when Green Humour came into being.

However, for Rohan, Green Humour was not all about raking in the “green”. Money was never the motive for his love of art and drawing. Rohan believes that if you approach anything with the thought of how much money you’re going to make out of it, you’ve failed already.

If you’re in a job that you look forward to doing each day, the struggle itself becomes addictively thrilling. When the excitement of seeing your work come to life is the only thing that matters, the travails are often immaterial.”

For Rohan, drawing cartoons to poke fun at a country’s political state or address environmental issues allows him to bring out his mischievous side and have fun with his work every day. Offending people and getting paid for it would easily be anyone’s dream job, Rohan says. Hard to argue with that.

What Inspired Rohan to Bring Out His Creative, Mischievous Side

Rohan mainly draws his inspiration from cartoonist – Genndy Tartakosvsky, the creator of popular cartoons like Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack. He loved his creation of characters and worlds. It wasn’t long until Rohan picked up a pencil of his own and started drawing cartoons.

From drawing cartoons for the Tinkle Digest to winning the prestigious WWF International President’s Award this year, Rohan’s cartoons might appear lighthearted and funny but have definitely created an impact. Rohan’s parents have always shown their support whether it’s sharing his work on their social media pages or immediately purchasing the newspaper editions that contain his work. Rohan’s work has also appeared in popular newspapers like the Bangalore Mirror and the Indian Express. His is also the first series of Indian comic strips to have been distributed internationally at the ‘Gocomics’ platform in December 2013.

One Bold Risk Pays Off for an Entire Lifetime

Currently, Rohan is busy creating comic strips for his weekend columns and taking his illustrated map projects to as many places as possible. He says that there is much to explore in the world of wildlife and uses wildlife as his muse as it brings something new to the table every single day.

Rohan took the bold step of quitting his three-year desk job to pursue his dreams and wishes for others who have a fiery passion within them that’s itching to get out, to do the same. Are you working towards achieving someone else’s dream or yours?  

If you find yourself asking the same question, do not blink before quitting your job right now, and come over to the other side.”

“If you find yourself asking the same question, do not blink before quitting your job right now, and come over to the other side.” Maybe a few of us who feel like we are bound by the chains of corporatism could use some advice from this cartoonist.

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