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Give A Gift with A Meaning with Kaira Gift World

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Tired of buying meaningless gifts that don’t have any thought or feelings put into them by their makers? Why would they anyway as not everybody understands the emotions behind giving someone a gift. But Kaira Gift World is different. Started by a mother of two and a former corporate professional, Kaira Gift World understands the importance and meaning of gift giving. They custom make beautiful, thoughtful and heartfelt gifts for you to give to that special someone, be it for their birthday, anniversary, baby shower, naming ceremony, house warming ceremony or just about any other kind of special occasion or event.

The Genius Behind the Art of Gift Giving

Durga Kolli studied Microbiology and worked in a bank before she realized she had to do something else with her life that gave her happiness. Then it hit her when she was planning a cradle ceremony for her second daughter and wasn’t able to find even one gift that exuded any uniqueness or that “something special”. All she found were mass produced, cookie cutter items – the same old junk that you’d find in any regular gift shop.

She then decided to make the giveaway gifts for her daughter’s cradle ceremony herself. With a little help from YouTube Durga handcrafted cradle-shaped invitations and gift boxes for the cradle ceremony. And the response was better than she could have ever imagined. After doing some research of her own she discovered that ‘customization of gifts according to the occasion’ was still a territory that was definitely untouched. Wasting no time, Durga trained herself using YouTube on how to make other, different gift items, opened her very own Facebook page and as luck, and of course, her talent would have it – the orders started pouring in!

Everyone wants their special occasions to be unique. Our aim is to bring that uniqueness in our products.”

Kaira Gift World specializes in making unique return gifts and party products according to clients’ requirements for all kinds of special occasions. Their product range includes Ethnic Bags, Jute Bags, German Silver Gifts, Potli Bags, Clutches, Haldi Kumkum Holders and a whole lot more.

A Bumpy Ride to Begin with but an Undeterred Attitude to Get to The Finish Line

Of course, the journey to get to where she is now wasn’t easy. Durga had to face many challenges along the way such as tough competitors, family pressures, delayed deliveries and cheap copycats. But Durga was determined and stuck to her guns. She recalls the many bold decisions that she made in her life such as dabbling in careers that didn’t quite suit her, including starting her own business against her family’s wishes. Juggling two young girls and her family’s demands didn’t make her journey towards gift giving a cakewalk.

Everyone said it’s not the right time to start a business. But I took the decision. I am what I am because of my strong determination and focus. I chose to be focused.”

Durga hopes that her bold moves will inspire others to achieve their dreams too. She certainly is proud of achieving hers. Currently, her business stands at the top in the gift giving industry. In just 6 months she became a fierce competitor that her fellow sellers had to watch out for. She’s had the opportunity to work with many prestigious clients, and articles on her work have been published by newspapers and TV journalists as well. But for Durga, her biggest achievement was being able to balance her business and her family life.

But Wait! It Doesn’t Stop There…

As if launching her own line of handmade gifts wasn’t enough, this bold and high achieving entrepreneur needed to do more. Durga has recently ventured out into designer wear too. She makes customized designer outfits to meet her clients’ requirements and focuses on supporting handlooms. Her aim is for Kaira Gift World to be the one stop shop for everything that people need for their celebrations and functions. Well, looks like there’s no stopping this fiery go-getter, so Durga – we’re sure you’ll get there soon.


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