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    Clawin D'Souza

Chuck The Corporate Rut; Make A Living Playing Poker Instead!

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While some earn a living spending countless hours at a mundane desk job, a few others make a profession out of playing poker! Yes, you heard that right. Miniscule monthly salaries versus making a few millions over a good hand of cards? We like the latter. Clawin D’Souza is a living example that taking a gamble with luck can indeed rake in the big bucks, if you play the “big blind”.

A Night of Casual Playing Led to The Making of a Craftsman  

Clawin was just a college student when he started playing poker online in 2008. Discovering a website that gave him free money to play poker changed his life forever. Clawin was instantly drawn to the mathematics and psychological nuances of this high pressured fast moving game. He recalls the year 2012 when he played 5 million+ poker hands, 12 hours a day, and 24 tables simultaneously. Phew!

But Of course, Every Career Has Its Challenges; Even Playing Professional Poker

To win at poker, you’ve got to be moving up, fast, in order to beat down your competition, says Clawin. Of course, it took Clawin’s parents a while to digest the fact that their son was well on his way to becoming a professional poker player– something that doesn’t go down too well with the quintessential Indian family. But eventually Clawin’s family understood their son’s incredible gift for the game and a few years later, became his biggest supporters.

Since I started at a relatively young age in poker, I realized that the universe had gifted me an opportunity to prove to myself that I could be a (mind) sportsman after all.”

Clawin’s zeal to become a sportsman is what motivated him to succeed at poker. He was a national level snooker player and also played football for an A division club. He realized that poker, just like any other profession, required tremendous amounts of patience and hard work. So a few hours of practice every day for 8 years got Clawin to where he is today. He may not be a sportsman in the literal sense but he is indeed figuratively what he likes to call a ‘mind’ sportsman.

Advice from The Poker King to The Poker Rookies   

Clawin enjoys coaching other younger potential poker players in his free time. He says that in order to be the best poker player you can be you have got to keep improving your game. He finds that playing against others helps improve his own strategy and he learns something new from each game.

Every good player has figured out something that the others haven’t, and the best way to learn these strategies is by playing them and reviewing later.”

Clawin believes that much like everything else in life, success comes only to those who are committed 100% – even if its playing poker. And we couldn’t agree more. Clawin is truly a bold example of realizing one’s inner hidden talents and embracing it, even if those talents are a bit out of the box. This is definitely one case where going “all-in” really does pay off.

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