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    Garima Tripathi

Providing Quality Health Care; Bringing Hospices to Homes with Care24

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In a so called “developing” nation like India, the quality of healthcare provided to the middle class and poor is still in –  sadly – a deplorable state. We are all aware of the shocking statistics. But IIT and Harvard graduate Garima Tripathi wanted to change all that in a big way with her healthcare company Care24.

Care24 brings high quality, hospital level care to sick people’s homes in an easy, hassle free manner so that everyone can get the same quality of treatment and be on their way to a full, speedy recovery.

The Catalyst Behind This Caregiver

Garima dabbled in many other careers before starting her own healthcare company in 2014. An engineer from IIT Kanpur, a Deloitte employee and a US Harvard graduate. Clearly, Garima earned the skills she needed to start Care24. Her motivation sprung from the vast difference in quality of healthcare in the US as compared to the state of services that were offered in India – especially in the smaller towns. She and her co-founder Vipin both faced difficulties in finding the right caregivers for their aged and unwell parents.

The current system lacks consistency in quality and we wanted to create a healthcare platform that can be trusted when it came to medical and emotional care needed by the patients and their families.”

Garima had nurses, attendants and other medical providers trained by some of the best trainers from Mumbai hospitals and nursing institutions. Her organization Care24 delivers professional home-based patient care to patients suffering from Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, paralysis, dementia, and similar medical conditions. Her patient clientele ranges from little infants to the terminally ill. Garima believes in providing continuity of health care and aims to improve the life quality of her patients by constantly monitoring their health.

Quality Healthcare Requires Quality Investment

Garima invested heavily in training and technology. Her caregivers are professionally trained to handle patients with severe medical conditions like heart disease and cancer. Care24’s vision is to set up a one-point solution for patient care at home that is available round the clock.

We have developed in-house tech to do live monitoring of patient care which ensures the best care to the patient and peace of mind to the family members.”

Care24 has successfully helped more than 30,000 patients with their world-class medical care services at home provided by 100% background verified caregivers. Services dispensed include nurses (ANM, GNM, and B.Sc.), attendants, Post-Partum and Infant Care Service, Pregnancy Care, Nutrition, Cancer Care, Neuro-Rehabilitation and nutritional guidance.

Care24 acts as an extended arm for patients who need the continuity of care at home from the hospital to recover physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally fast with ease and comfort.

The Challenges Behind Starting Care24

Of course, there were going to be a few bumps along the road to get Care24 to where it is now. Ensuring high quality of caregivers throughout the length of service was one such bump. To overcome this there was continuous feedback and counseling given to the caregivers and retention of the existing caregivers. Care24 understands how emotionally taxing care giving can be and offers flexibility, incentives and constant training and support to its caregivers.

Another challenge was training the nurses and attendants on how to adopt the tech knowledge needed to use the Care24 app. But all efforts paid off as the quality of service was ensured as well as standardized rendering fantastic results.

I always wanted to create. Creating something which can help other beings is powerful and Care24 seemed a very natural way to do that.”

Garima’s driving force was the great need for proper home care service providers in India. She was always interested in working in the mental healthcare space and admits if it wasn’t for Care24 she would have probably done something similar for Autism or Dementia – two areas she feels very strongly about.

Bold Ideas Require Bold Moves

Garima made the bold move of moving back to India at a time when the idea of entrepreneurship was still nascent. Working out of her home for three months and facing a lot of opposition from family and friends didn’t budge Garima’s strong desires. Her years of hard work paid off and she has now trained over 4500 people in Mumbai in professional home care and is currently serving 1000+ patients every day.

For Garima, her stand out achievement is providing thousands of people with the quality home health care services at their door step. Care24 is super proud of gaining the trust of their customers and caregivers and being an immense support system to their families. Her caregivers are now tech savvy and financially secure thanks to Care24 with over 600 of them opening bank accounts. Care24 has also helped 150 caregivers get small loans for their personal requirements such as marriage and education, including home loans.

Care24 now offers Intensive Care Units at home, palliative care and will soon venture into specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia care as well, says a very bold and proud Garima. This one woman’s efforts to make a significant difference in a nation that still, unfortunately, struggles to provide even remotely decent healthcare services, even after 70 years of independence, needs nothing short of a resonating round of applause.

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