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Beauty With A Body Breaking Free From The Chains Of Bigotry

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It still isn’t easy for a girl in India to pursue her dreams and passions especially if those dreams are in line with the modeling, fashion or fitness industry. In India, the idea of a ‘perfect’ girl is the one who gets married, settles down and has kids. But to Shruti Kerni the idea of perfection is having the perfect body to go with her already beautiful face. And she didn’t let our biased society stand in her way of achieving her dreams.

Overcoming Challenges; Facing Critique from Society

Shruti hails from the small town of Jammu so it was all the more difficult for her to convince her family that she wanted to take up modeling and fitness as a profession rather than just get married and settle down like every other girl in town. She wanted to prove society wrong in their thinking that only marriage equals happiness. Girls are capable of so much more. A simple aim to lose weight made Shruti realize that fitness and nutrition were her true calling.

However, Shruti admits that it was quite challenging to become a fitness model and that it wasn’t all glamor and fun. There were many hardships and sacrifices behind reaching her goals.

There are people who appreciate the hard work and sacrifices behind my achievements. They understand the real picture of being in this profession.”

She admits that some people do appreciate her body and some find it a bit too manly. She had to face people who looked down upon her and her profession but Shruti soldiered on with her head held high. She also had to face stiff competition in a world where everyone is turning towards fitness but admits that there’s no fun or motivation without any competition to face.

I believe the only competition for someone in this profession is their own self. You need to fight your own self to keep on track.”

Competition, A Passion for Fitness and Her Inner Self Were Her Biggest Motivators

Without competition, Shruti would have never realized her true, full potential. She faced and fought her inner demons as well. For her, fitness was always a part of her lifestyle and feeling good on the inside and out was her mantra. Her friends saw the raw talent she had. Shruti was skeptical at first but then decided to compete in fitness competitions and earn her degree in sports and nutrition. Today, Shruti is glad that she believed in herself, never gave up and got to where she is today.

I believe you can get inspiration from anywhere if you are willing to learn and grow. My biggest motivation comes from my desire to be the best of myself.”

Shruti also says that her biggest inspiration is Ashley Kaltwasser but also believes that inspiration can come from anywhere to those who are open to learning and growing. But for Shruti, her burning desire to be the best she can be is her biggest motivator.

The Small Town Girl with The Big, Bold Moves

Shruti’s brother has been extremely supportive of her as well and stood by her throughout her first competition. Her family too is slowly learning to accept her line of work given that Shruti, coming from a small town, is the first, and, in fact, the only girl in her family who chose a different and unconventional career path.

I never gave up, no matter what, and I am not going to give up either. If you give up today, tomorrow you will realize what you have lost by not giving yourself a chance.”

Shruti wants each and every girl who dreams big to never give up and never give in to pressure whether it’s from society, family or from within. Only with focus and belief in yourself will you achieve your heart’s desires, just like the very brave and bold Shruti did.


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