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    Kimie Miner

Singer-Songwriter Serenading Her Way to Success

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Hailing from the beautiful and exotic islands of Hawaii, Kimie Miner always knew that music was her calling and followed her passion and love for music from a young age itself without ever looking back. Teaching herself to play the guitar at 14, Kimie studied at the University of San Diego before self-producing three tracks and uploading them on the then biggest social media networking site – Myspace. Her tracks hit #1 in the unsigned artist chart in the entire state of Hawaii in no time.

Being Faithful to Her First Love; Never Giving Up Hope

Kimie didn’t allow herself to get sidetracked by the success of her first few songs. She wanted to retain her independence rather than sell her soul to a music production house. Turning down offers from big-name labels, she went on to record her first EP in 2012 titled ‘To The Sea’, which was entirely funded by a Kickstarter campaign. A bold move from the budding artist to not lose her originality to commercial music labels.

However, for Kimie, remaining faithful to her first love wasn’t easy, especially financially. There were times when she would have a negative balance in her bank account and couldn’t pay her monthly bills. There were also embarrassing times when her cheques would bounce or she would run out of money to finish her music projects. There were even times when Kimie would feel alone and inadequate – like she had no clue what she was doing, like she had a lot left to figure out. Kimie was, at the time, also running her own business as an independent artist and was busy with her label and her publishing company.

Keeping Her Music Real

For Kimie it was all about keeping it real and she was never deterred from her musical path. She would introspect as to what made her love certain songs and would learn valuable lessons from those songs. She says she keeps an open mind when collaborating with others which helps her to build my own skills. Kimie’s songs remind people to stay true to who they are and always remember their roots and heritage with immense pride.

Kimie’s unshakable faith in her Hawaiian culture act as her personal ‘piko’ or ‘center’. This helps keep her grounded as she travels through different parts of the world. She keeps the meaning behind her songs down to earth and uses the lyrics to illustrate her journey growing up on the island.

I follow my passions. I remain authentic to myself. I do what I can and lean on others to help fill in the gaps.”

Kimie wrote and produced her first full-length and her most daring album to date, in 2015 after working a long stint with various collaborators. The album introduces to the audience a new kind of pop sound without losing the reggae soul of Hawaiian music.

Music is the universal language of our soul.”

Spoken like a true lover of music and melody, Kimie says that her home, Hawaii was her biggest inspiration to pursue her musical dream. Music is culturally ingrained in the people of Hawaii. Their approach to music helps them evolve as human beings and evolves the music as well. However, every generation starts off facing music the same exact way and then changes their approach and outlook to music as time progresses.

Kimie was lucky to have had a family that supported her affinity for music from a young age itself. However, since she was always a good student they wanted her to finish college before taking up music full time. Her only interests were music and travel. When Kimie was little she dreamt she would she would be an actress and a singer.

The Road Ahead for The Musical Marvel

Kimie is currently finishing up her latest album that is set to release in October. She plans to go on tour for the rest of the year. She has also started a full-service music, audio, and talent production group that provides access to the creative output from Hawaii’s emerging and leading artists, producers, composers, and musicians called the Haku Collective.

Build a team to help you build your dream. You cannot do it alone.”

Having a dream is easy; achieving it is the difficult part but Kimie sees no harm in getting some help from those around you. You’re bold enough to take the risk to pursue a dream and even bolder for asking help from a few good people. Like our very own brave Kimie.

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