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    Nashra Aziz

Adding Beauty to Faces and Lives: One Brush Stroke at A Time

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They say ‘beauty is skin deep’ but Nashra Aziz works to bring that beauty a little more to the surface – with the gentle, skillful strokes of her makeup brushes. After all, which girl doesn’t want to add a little color, sparkle and shine to her already beautiful face – and life. And that’s exactly what Nashra is all about with her very own makeup studio – ‘Makeup Artistry by Nashra.’

From Corporate Filing to Nail Filing

Starting off her career in the corporate jungle straight out of college, Nashra realized that she needed to do something else with her life to give her contentment. She quit her corporate job and joined a professional makeup course in Mumbai to become a certified makeup artist. She says it was the best decision she ever took – and a bold one too, might we add.

Nashra works hard to keep her social networking going in order to keep the assignments coming in. Connecting with brides on a personal level was easy but the shoots required more of her attention to social media. Nashra had to work for smaller amounts at first but then let her makeup strokes and skills do the talking.

Sticking to Her Guns, And Brushes!

One has to just believe in what they are doing and never give up. Also being positive is the secret which many preach but don’t follow.”

Starting off on your own for any entrepreneur isn’t easy and requires immense amounts of belief, hard work, and dedication; a ‘never give up’ attitude, all of which Nashra had in her. These qualities will help get you through hard times too. She also adds that the makeup profession is an extremely competitive one, which sometimes means swallowing your ego now to make it big later. Expect to work for free the first few times even if you are brilliant. Building a strong profile for a minimum/zero fee is what will take you all the way.

The Beautician with A Solid Backing

The desire to be successful and do something I love doing.”

Nashra says that this was her biggest inspiration. Her family has also been extremely supportive and always encouraged her to follow a path that she truly loved. Even though she has already made a successful career for herself, Nashra says that she still has a long way to go and that it’s an endless struggle in the creative field. She aims to work on many more brands, and brides, and enjoys the fact that doing makeup never gets monotonous.

Advice from The Makeup Pro to The Makeup Rookies

Nashra believes that hard work, making the right decisions and most importantly, loving your work is what will take you across the finish line. Working independently does have its risks and is a lot of investment at first but pays off in the end.

Grab every opportunity – small or big; you never know which one will pay off in the future.”

To make it short and simple, she adds – “Make your mark on the globe like a lipstick stain on a white shirt!” In order words, if you want to make an impact, make it big, and bold – just like a very brave Nashra did.

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