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Touching Hearts with A Bit of Humor

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For Danish, making people laugh and adding some humor to otherwise mundane lives came naturally to him. His job? Doing anything to spark a smile, a laugh or just a positive feeling in people. From acting, prank calling the radio, hosting events or doing improv on stage, Danish works in various art forms to replace people’s grief and worries with a bit of joy, humor, and happiness.

I am a person who is not defined by any boundaries.”

From a child, Danish loved entertaining people. Like everyone else, he too tried the regular 9-5 rut only to do it his way – by making his interests and passions his professional career. A 9-5 job on the radio or on an acting set didn’t matter to Danish as long as he was doing what he loved. The highlight in Danish’s comical career was being able to touch the hearts of people of all ages with his humor including making 70-year-old grandmothers laugh along to his prank calling shenanigans. You can meet great people at any job or reach all the necessary numbers but having the power to create laughter? Now that’s something only the goofily gifted, like Danish, can accomplish.

A Little Insight into This Crazy Comic

Danish says that he got his humility and easy approachability from his mother who grounded him ever since he was a little boy – even making him meet and greet everyone at the local supermarket, run by her. “Nobody is big, nobody is small, and all are living their lives, just that the occupations are different” – she would say. It’s not just the person in the limelight who deserves the credit but more so the many dozens behind the scenes who make the event come to life. Danish did get a little ahead of himself thanks to his immensely quick rise to popularity but instantly realized that his passion for doing what he does is way more important than anything else.

Danish enjoyed doing theatre in school which then made him switch to doing improv – a form of playback theatre. He may not be a part of a drama or theatre company sort of set up but he’s still doing one of his few favorite things – acting in films. He even hosted events back in his college days. Luckily for Danish, he met the right people at the right time to get great at what he does. He was just an 8th grader the first time he performed in front of a live audience. Scripted by a friend, it was a mono-act about a little child who talks about other kids having a life when he doesn’t. It was about child labor. Danish really did put on a great show from taking his classmates’ help to stain his vest with shoe polish to ripping it off in front of his entire school! Now that shows commitment! And from then on – an entertainer was born! Danish became a regular part of drama/theatre in school, be it Shakespeare or Kannada plays, having a ball all the way.

‘The Biggest Prankster in Town’

Danish quickly and easily earned the title. It was inevitable given the fact that ever since he was a child he would dial random numbers from his landline while his mom was at work. It’s hard not to believe him when he says he misses those days. With the dawn of the smartphone and easy connectivity abolishing privacy barriers, Danish says that the kids of today are missing out on some of that old-fashioned fun and foolery. Danish never despised his regular job at the radio station and constantly changing with the changing mediums was one of his strengths, helping him evolve into the performer that he is today along with platforms like the radio and the internet.

Boredom is something that Danish has never experienced. After all, how does one get bored of pranking people? From performing on stage to performing on the silver screen, Danish certainly is the ‘Jack of All Trades’. He pays no heed to his friends’ subtle warnings simply because he loves what he does. Seems like there’s no stopping this pranking professional whose movie is set to release this December, which he is very excited about – and rightly so.

Best On-Stage Memories and Moments

Danish has thoroughly enjoyed every one of his on-stage performances with various celebrities. One, in particular, was the time he did Pro-Kabaddi – his first time ever on TV with Bollywood superstars Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan all on stage with him at the same time! Most other performers would have totally flipped out, but not Danish. Holding himself together and with a little advice from the King of Bollywood – Shahrukh, he managed to pull off the show in style. Even taking some advice from cricket star and heartthrob, Virat Kohli – in the flesh, Danish has made so many wonderful memories with wonderful people that its hard for him to choose just one. But of course, there were times when Danish felt like things weren’t really going his way and needed to learn how to control his nerves, excitement, and emotions on stage. He needed to work a little harder and go that extra mile to come out a winner. After all, comedy isn’t all ‘funny’ business.

Hosting an event for Madhura Garments called the ‘Madhura Retail Oscars’ with his beloved sister, Kubra, on his side, was another magical moment for Danish culminating in their very first time working together on stage. It tightened the bonds of sibling love between the two. Danish cherishes this event dearly and calls it his most memorable one till date.

The Path to The Silver Screen

So what inspired a comedian and prankster to hit the big screen? While Danish studied comedy in the US and did a lot of live videos, he realized the attraction that came with it. Also doing a film is a check off his bucket list. Teaming up with his good friend Saad, who also needed a big break, Danish started working on his first film and now, after just one year, is ready for the release of his much awaited – ‘Humble Politician Nograj’. The two of them finished writing the entire story in just 5 days and didn’t need the help of any producers. The cast members and others affiliated with the film were aware of Danish’s notorious career in comedy which made the entire process of making the film go smoothly. Danish’s reputation was known throughout thanks to YouTube and social media helps him keep in touch with his audience who just adore him. He trusts his creative instincts well enough to know he has a good product in hand. A lot of anxious build up and talk about the movie doesn’t change his fans’ perception of him.

I am not a quintessential movie star. People find a lot of relatability to our stories – middle-class boy, no backing, but becoming a star through his determination and hard-work.”

This was also the idea behind his movie project. Danish hopes that his upcoming film delivers and won’t disappoint. We’re sure it won’t.

The Rock Behind This Rockstar

When asked who his biggest inspiration was, Danish replies, “My mother”, without blinking an eye.

I didn’t have a hero for a long time and usually that’s one of the questions people ask. Over the years, I’ve realized its mum.”

Danish admires his mother’s awareness of everything and her interest to learn and grow. From knowing how to fix a broken washing-machine pipe to signing contracts with the biggest media companies, while checking her son’s sleeping habits, Danish’s mom has conquered all aspects of life. He believes that her amazing awareness skills and learning abilities stem from the unavailability of the internet back in her day, as opposed to now where everything you want to know is available at the click of a button – and zero effort. He says that this is what has made her evolve into the female powerhouse that she is today. And of course – as any son would – Danish loves his mother’s cooking, particularly her dhal, rice and chicken dish. Simple, delicious, wholesome homemade food beats eating out for Danish any day!

Opening Up On Deeper Issues

Danish recalls a low point in his life when he was crippled with depression, comparing it to a black hole that slowly sucks you in without you even realizing it. Initially, not quite comprehending what was happening to him, Danish struggled through deep and dark phases, never understanding why. When he realized something was wrong he knew he had to do something about it soon. And this is the first and most crucial challenge with anyone battling depression – realizing it, accepting it and seeking help – which he feels a lot more people should learn how to do.

It’s not letting that demon of comfort that discomforts you take over your life. The day you realize it, that’s the day you can help yourself.”

Danish hopes that people who are slowly spiraling into the clutches of this terrible emotional/mental disorder can see the signs early and seek help. Some of these signs include normal functioning going off track, behavioral changes, feeling tired and lazy all the time, and not wanting to go out.

The Future for This Bold, Entertaining Entrepreneur

Danish takes life one day at a time. Planning isn’t his priority. If a project strikes him as interesting, he takes his time to sketch out a future plan of action. He likes not knowing everything that the future holds in store for him. Too normal and boring for someone who makes a living out of pranking people.

At the end of the day, it is the person and not the personality”.

One thing his mother said still rings in Danish’s ears: “At the end of the day, it is the person and not the personality”. Success doesn’t mean you forget how to be a good human being, which is the most important thing. What you do today, someone might do it better tomorrow. Fame and money are short-lived – it may change your lifestyle but shouldn’t change you as a person. Danish has lived all his life by these rules and it’s helped him stay grounded and true to himself.


His advice to his doting fans? “Be kind to people around you. It’s not hard to be genuinely nice. Appreciate and celebrate people. Be happy for other people’s growth besides your own.” Apart from learning to see the funnier side of life and remembering to enjoy a good laugh every once in a while, we could all learn a little something from this humble yet humorous, and might we add – truly inspiring human being. Danish is the perfect example to prove that following your passions really does pay off, even if it’s totally whimsical, unconventional and out of the box!

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