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Thesis Couture: The Dawn of a New Era of Women’s Fashion

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Think of Thesis Couture as every woman’s personalized closet reorganizer, contemporary fashion consultant, and customized styling solution that does everything from providing a clutter-free closet to designing a cutting-edge cosmetic case that safely protects expensive makeup items, or the ‘Thesis Cosmetics Capsule’. Thesis Couture is the next big thing to enter the fashion industry backed by the invaluable experience of the likes of Jimmy Choo, Business of Fashion, and SpaceX. Organization, functionality and smart design are the three pillars of Thesis Couture. The fourth pillar is, of course, the founder herself, Dolly Singh.

The Fashionista Behind This Fashion Fraternity

Dolly Singh was formerly the Head of Talent at Oculus VR and SpaceX and worked closely with the legendary Elon Musk too. She now owns her very own fashion brand based out of Los Angeles that reinvents iconic essentials for women by fusing engineering and advanced materials with traditional Italian craftsmanship and timeless design.

I believe contemporary women want to look amazing, but also love their bodies and value their time. We want to give her products that elevate her everyday experiences.”

Dolly is a dream come true for the everyday woman, professional or otherwise, who either needs a quick fix in their daily makeup routine or who just wants a smart and safe solution to carrying around expensive and breakable makeup items.

It was passion that drove me and progression in my career that motivated me.”

The Challenges Behind the Haute-Couture Company

Dolly was lucky, and of course, talented enough, to work and gain experience under one of the world’s most talented entrepreneurs – Elon Musk, for six years. She considers Elon her fashion guru and says that she certainly learned more from him than anyone else in her couture career.

However, since Dolly’s business is centered around women’s fashion and lifestyle, her biggest challenge was knowing that there were many other fashion brands for women within this sector but still remaining true to the focal points of her brand, one of which focused on SpaceX elements to recreate the traditional women’s shoe.

The difficult part of maintaining Thesis Couture is why we exist now! It is to continue pushing the boundaries for women and rediscovering what we like, what is practical for us, and how we can be the best version of ourselves!”

On the personal front, Dolly confesses that leaving her thriving company to start her own business was a tremendous challenge. Also, finding a niche or sector that differentiated her brand from the rest was another obstacle that she had to overcome. Dolly sympathized with the rest of her kind, who, even though, could pull off a pair of six-inch stilettos while looking fierce and fabulous all the while, had to endure the pain of boils and blisters on their stressed feet after the party was over. But her exclusive LIFT technology puts an end to that. Dolly’s prerogative was to allow women to look beautiful but most importantly feel comfortable in whatever they wore. After all, she says, “In the age of artificial intelligence we shouldn’t be wearing century old shoes.” We couldn’t agree more.

No Fashion Faux Pas Here

Looks like Dolly did all the right things to propel her fashion brand straight to the top. She is especially proud of her newest addition to the Thesis Couture accessories line – The NYLA bag, which is made for the female, always on-the-go, who, may not have the time but still wants to put her best fashion foot forward. The NYLA bag is a smart solution to level-up a woman’s daily cosmetics routine – to enhance the everyday five-to-ten minutes of self-care. It is the first cosmetic case engineered to prevent makeup breakage and maximize organization. With 20 individual cosmetic compartments, nifty travel features like an easy-to-hang-anywhere case hook, and premium Nappa croc print leather from the best Italian tanneries to finish off its exclusive look, the NYLA bag is a must-have fashion accessory for any female fashionista.

“Being able to use your past experiences and turn them into future goals”, was Dolly’s reply when asked what entrepreneurship meant to her.

Dolly has been able to spread the word on Thesis Couture through traditional media channels and crowdfunding. Since the brand is very personal to her she finds that the media sharing her story to the world about her background and journey is the best form of marketing for her company.

My kids are my support system. They calm me and keep me motivated for the next best business venture.”

Her family, her profession and her business all play independent and important roles in making Dolly the strong, determined woman that she is today. Dolly sees Thesis Couture as the next big lifestyle brand and looks forward to launching her capsule collection soon.

Dolly encourages the rest to keep moving forward with their head held high and pursue their dreams no matter what, even if it’s creating a fashion accessory to make the everyday woman feel at ease, yet super confident – whether she’s walking into a board meeting, into a club or strutting her stuff down the runway – just like a very bold Dolly did.

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