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Helping Furry Friends with Paws For A Greater Cause

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Looking to give a cuddly canine a new home and make a new best friend too? Then look no further than FluffyNut. Started by three fellow dog lovers with hearts as big as a St. Bernard, if you will, FluffyNut is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of abandoned, neglected and sick stray animals in the city. The NGO is named after a Pomeranian pup, whose name is – you guessed it – Fluffy, and an adorable Indie pup. Both were rescued after being found abandoned in a deplorable state. Sadly, the Indie pup wasn’t as fortunate as the Pomeranian to survive the horrible virus that had afflicted them.

Meet the Saints Behind the Strays and Their Motivation to Start FluffyNut

In September 2016, a friend of Saad Pasha found three abandoned puppies on the road which she took home. In a few weeks, they fell prey to a deadly virus and two out of the three pups lost their lives to it. One was lucky enough to survive and this made Saad and his friend realize the difficulties faced by other foster and adoptive parents in the city. This motivated them to start FluffyNut.

Around the same time, Ajji Mane, a local flea market approached Saad and asked if he could conduct an adoption drive as they were aware of his experience in animal welfare. This was an opportunity for Saad and his friend to help more pet foster parents by creating a platform for them to get their fosters adopted. Today, Saad has carried out five successful adoption drives with Ajji Mane and even pulled off his very own Adoption Drive and Fundraiser event on November 5th at the Cartman Animal Hospital in Koramangala called ‘Pawparazzi’.  Three cheers – (or woofs) – for Saad, ‘The Saint of All Strays!’  

Pawparazzi was a collaboration with Enablers United to create a platform for fosters and adopters to come together and give new homes to rescued animals like dogs, cats, and even white rats. Apart from fundraising, it was not just all work and no play at this ‘paws party’ as the event included various food stalls, an open mic jam, fun games and yummy food trucks, and the best of all, an Indie dog fashion show! Surely, with delicious doggy food, games like ‘passing the bone’ and kitties parading down the catwalk, Pawparazzi was undoubtedly a roaring – or, in this case, – a ‘barking’ success!

Almost all the proceeds raised by FluffyNut are used to help other foster parents and animal feeders or used to deworm, vaccinate or neuter abandoned pets and fostered animals. They also intend on raising funds by selling merchandise online and use the proceeds to buy supplies to help other strays and their caretakers in the city. FluffyNut truly is a voice for all the city’s unfortunate, helpless animals and Saad hears their heart-wrenching cries for help.

Entrepreneurship is setting up a new business and following one’s passion”

Spreading The Message, Garnering The Support

“Entrepreneurship is setting up a new business and following one’s passion”, replies Saad when asked what entrepreneurship meant to him. And for Saad, his passion lied in the hopeful, longing eyes of helpless animals searching for their savior.

Facebook, Instagram, flea market stalls and good old word of mouth have all immensely helped spread the word of FluffyNut’s charitable services. Saad is also reaching out to various businesses like pubs and saloons who are willing to support his cause and sell his merchandise to help raise more funds.

Animal feeders, foster parents, and rescuers are our biggest inspiration. We are always learning new things from them.”

Making The World a Better Place – For Animals

Saad and his two co-founders spend hours brainstorming every day and are always open to new ideas from their friends and family. Saad’s cause is strongly supported by lots of families who are dedicatedly present at every one of his events. Currently, Saad and his friends are working towards registering the Indie Guardians Trust to extend more help to animals and people who help animals. Saad’s future plans include having animal rescue ambulances patrolling the city given that there is hardly any functioning right now due to the lack of finances – and the lack of good people – like Saad, might we add.

“Dogs are loyal and faithful to their owners, no matter what. They can die of heartbreaks – if their owner dies or abandons them. They get depressed, stop eating and die.” These touching words from Saad only prove the fact that dogs are in fact more, if not, as sensitive as human beings, and want/need the same kind of love, attention and care that we thrive on to survive in this ‘dog-eat-dog’ world.

Saad urges more people, like him, to follow their dreams no matter what and not let negativity and negative people stand in their way or bring them down. Staying focused and positive throughout your journey and doing what you love doing are Saad’s secrets to success. No doubt, success is sweet, but it’s even sweeter for people like Saad, who know that his bold efforts can make all the difference to one dog’s life.

Dogs are loyal and faithful to their owners, no matter what. They can die of heartbreaks – if their owner dies or abandons them. They get depressed, stop eating and die.”

Animals can’t help themselves and their world needs more people like Saad to go the extra mile, fight for their cause and not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to them when they cry out for our help. They say that a dog’s howl is used to express its innermost grief and pain or simply to attract attention. And we’re sure that, right now, dogs everywhere are howling in agreement.

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