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    Harsh Dhand
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    Harsh Dhand

Looking to Rent a Laptop? Look No Further Than RentSher

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Not just laptops, RentSher allows you to rent out desktops, IT equipment, appliances, costumes, event equipment, party equipment, hospital and home medical equipment from reliable suppliers. In short, RentSher is India’s first online product rental marketplace specializing in the event, electronics and medical space. RentSher is nothing short of a brilliant, innovative idea.

Let’s Meet the Brains Behind This Bold Business…

Harsh Dhand is the Co-Founder and CEO of RentSher and probably gets his brains from all the work experience he had at some of the big fish in the corporate pond, such as Philips and IBM Research, to name a few. His job profile significantly involved traveling for technical and customer meetings and converting the same into company products.

The idea to start RentSher hit Harsh when he realized that there was no place from where you could rent out good equipment to throw a party at home. All you could do was buy products/equipment from online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. But what if you didn’t want to spend all that money just for one night and wanted to rent out instead? If you can rent out Brad Pitt’s tuxedo or Julia Robert’s gown for a night, or a limo to drive you to the prom, then why not have the same services for events and electronics? And lo and behold! RentSher was born…in the year 2015 to be precise, when Harsh and a couple of his friends spent a night of serious brainstorming. By August 2015, RentSher was live with hundred orders a month coming in, which convinced Harsh to make RentSher a fulltime business.

“Passion for re-commerce leading to a more sustainable growth of the economy and also progression personally from a corporate job to an exciting new venture”, was Harsh’s impressive and influential answer when asked what his motivation was behind starting RentSher.

Passion for re-commerce leading to a more sustainable growth of the economy and also progression personally from a corporate job to an exciting new venture”

Harsh or ‘The Horse’ Was A Man Thirsty for Success!

Some of Harsh’s managers who had previously worked with him, playfully gave him the moniker ‘the Horse’, indicating his go-getter attitude in everything he did, similar to a long-distance runner even. Harsh was responsible for organizing Prime Minister Modi’s Abhiyaan event to help spread his vision, which was a smashing success. He even organized a few events on Independence Day in 2015 that helped reel in a lot of new customers and website bookings.

Harsh always had an interest in starting something of his own in the healthcare, education or e-commerce space. RentSher closes a large market gap between suppliers and customers looking to rent out electronic, event and medical equipment.

His Business Skills Were Put to The Test

Some glitches, in the beginning, were inevitable. Long term rental orders lead to faulty or late payments or the late delivery of products. Harsh took the guidance of his mentors and investors to learn that in any new and growing business, some costs had to be incurred and lost. This would, in turn, help regain control of the business and help it grow further. Then of course, came the pressure from the personal front. A 24×7 online business became his new baby which meant no family holidays or weekends, with national holidays and weekends being the busiest for Harsh’s event equipment rental business.

“As a leader, I tend to be present with the team as they execute more business.” Spoken like a true entrepreneur.

As a leader, I tend to be present with the team as they execute more business.”

Harsh used his wealth of knowledge and work experience to target the right sectors in the rental arena that would make RentSher a hit with the masses. It occupies a very niche space in the online buying/rental market. Harsh chose the right categories and sectors to allow RentSher to enjoy sustained growth. From renting out the fanciest projectors and A/V equipment for a huge event to renting out the latest Samsung TV in the market so that the college kid on a low allowance can impress his friends at his first house party, RentSher is making every techie, gadget and gizmo lovers’ rental dreams come true!

“Entrepreneurship is truly about doing what you believe in.” Harsh would rather have control of his career reins as opposed to corporate where you end up doing what someone else wants you to do. Harsh is a role model to many of his team members who constantly seek his great advice on career development.

Entrepreneurship is truly about doing what you believe in.”

As Always, The Customer Is the King

RentSher’s biggest marketing tool was its customers who were always beyond satisfied with their services. The company’s Facebook page had stellar testimonials coming in from happy customers which got more people to sit up and listen. Catering to events itself was a huge marketing contributor as every large event hosted saw several hundreds of people who would, in turn, tell a few more hundreds of people which would allow RentSher to enjoy a zero marketing budget. RentSher boasts a rank of 1-2 in over 70 product categories searches currently on rent. Ka-ching!

Harsh says that his idol is his father who taught him the basics of engineering and business, while managing a full time job at a bank, which was an inspiration to Harsh. Till today, Harsh consults his dad for business ideas and uses him as a bouncing board. Like father, like son. And sure, to get those wheels in his head working, Harsh relies on some good old-fashioned coffee for some quick motivation and bright ideas.

Harsh’s family has been extremely supportive of his business, especially his spouse and kids, who understand the level of commitment and dedication that a fulltime business requires, allowing Harsh to burn the midnight oil on many occasions. However, Harsh tries to fit in a family vacation every 6-9 months to help keep his work-life balance in check. A bit of badminton and cricket helps refresh him too.

The Future for Harsh and Rentsher

Harsh sees RentSher having a long journey ahead, creating and capturing newer markets, both geographically and in the customer segments, as more and more people, open up to the rental industry. He hopes that more and more people are brave enough to follow their dreams. Harsh urges everyone to do what they believe in. It’s the best way to watch your dreams and career converge right before your very eyes. And if not for RentSher, Harsh says he would probably take up his hobby of playing cricket as a career. But we like the former better. And so does a very bold, brave and brilliant Harsh, we’re sure.


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