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    Uttara Ramkumar and Nishi Bhuvandas of SoulPure

Bringing A Bit of Soul into Your Bubble Bath, With SoulPure

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Best friends, civil engineers, gold medalists, professional soapers…to simply sum up what Uttara Ramkumar and Nishi Bhuvandas are all about. Meeting each other for the first time in 2008 while doing their masters in engineering, Uttara and Nishi went from college roommates to best friends before deciding to start their very own business venture. And with a super strong, selfless bond that’s lasted over a decade, having seen each other through thick and thin, their business partnership was sure to be a match made in heaven, just like their perfectly balanced and blended line of handmade soaps!

SoulPure satisfies the senses – and pores – of those who love to indulge in a little extra bathroom pampering after a long, hard day, or who are just looking for something a little more special and soulful than regular, off the shelf soaps. SoulPure specializes in handmade bath and beauty products which are chemical free (SLS free, /SLES free/paraben free). Their soaps are not only skin-friendly but environment-friendly too.

The Soulmates Behind SoulPure

Uttara and Nishi were always fascinated with health and beauty products especially those which were marked ‘vegan’, ‘organic’, or ‘herbal’. They would always wonder what was the real difference in ingredients between them and the other commercial soaps. After a lot of research and learning about the various natural and handmade cosmetic product making processes, this dynamic duo was ready to give soap-making a go. The first few attempted batches were self-tested or given as gifts to a few close friends. The positive feedback and growing demand for their soulful soaps from their circle of friends inspired them to take their soap making business to the next level and start making soaps round the clock. And of course, there was the added desire of wanting to keep their flames of friendship burning bright for as long as possible.

We besties never wanted to drift apart, no matter what and how ever old we grew, and so we made SoulPure happen.”

‘Drawing’ Inspiration from The Experts

Did you know that a person who practices soap making as a profession is called a soaper? And Uttara and Nishi drew inspiration from the likes of some of the biggest soapers in the world, including Anne Marie of Brambleberry, and many more. Also, a passion to research and create something new urged them forward. International soapers such as Royalty Soaps and EarthsRawBeauty inspired Uttara and Nishi to make a few designer soaps of different patterns and designs, which were works of art by themselves.

According to us, our soaps are pieces of art and is the skilled self-expression of the way we feel it, a visible representation of emotions.”

Uttara Ramkumar and Nishi Bhuvandas of SoulPure
Uttara Ramkumar and Nishi Bhuvandas of SoulPure

They say, ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’. However, in this case, the two feisty females always had the unending support of their beloved husbands when it came to pursuing their business. Even though the two women hadn’t initially planned on upscaling their pet project into a luxury soap brand and simply enjoyed the passion, creativity, colors, fragrances and majorly the chemical science behind the reactions that happened behind the formulation of every soap recipe, their husbands always had their backs. Their parents, however, needed a little more convincing, as they wanted them to work the regular, although monotonous, 9-5 corporate job adhering to their core educational background. But today, after a lot of positive feedback and some great smelling soaps that’ll relax even the most uptight customer, the parents too are on board!

Hurdles are part of the game but things won’t always remain the same.”

What’s to Come for SoulPure

SoulPure already has the bath lovers of Bangalore wrapped in rich, sinful lather, high on the naturally uplifting essential oils packed into these carefully handcrafted, luxurious, Au naturel scented soaps. So why stop here? SoulPure’s creators want their ‘super soaps’ to sit on the bathtubs and shower trays of every person in the world! Currently restricted in production to just a few batches, SoulPure is planning to launch more handmade and chemical-free, bath and beauty products in the coming year. Sounds like good news for all the parents who have to wrestle their kids into bathing every day!

The only secret mantra of becoming a successful entrepreneur is to love what you do.”

Uttara and Nishi have no doubt put in countless hours of hard work and relentless determination to get SoulPure to where it is today. Satisfying every customer was key to their success and channeling the negative feedback towards improving the problem areas that needed fixing was the trick. ‘Love what you do and do what you love is the KEY to becoming an entrepreneur.’

“Once you walk in the direction of your dreams then never surrender, no matter what.” Even if those dreams involve making someone else’s bath time a dream come true! After all, who can say no to soaps packed full of sweet-smelling butters and soothing aromatic oils that will leave your skin moisturized for days, not to mention, camera-ready! SoulPure will have you drawing baths fit for a king! Bubble bath, anyone?

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