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Adding Shimmer And Sparkle To Lives By An Artisan Empowering Other Artisans

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Jewellery to a woman is like a watch to a man. It’s a must-have add-on piece of accessory no matter what the mood or occasion is, the attire it will be paired with, whether day or night. A woman feels incomplete without her favourite piece of jewellery – it’s the last thing she must add to either her ears, her neck, her wrists or her fingers just before she steps out to tackle the world another day with all her brilliance. And nothing like a little extra shimmer and sparkle to add to her already bright, charming and brilliant persona and character.

This is where boutique handmade designer jewellery brand Azilaa comes in. Modern, sophisticated, elegant, trendsetting jewellery for the 21st-century women who are everything that Azilaa encompasses, and so much more. Jewellery that is fashion-forward yet timeless, the perfect addition to complete any woman, to fit her lifestyle and ensemble flawlessly. Jewellery that adds a glow to her attire and her allure, making her turn heads and stand out in a crowd.

Women of today are confident, talented, and fearless and it’s precisely those magnificent qualities of a woman that Azilaa aims to show off to the world with their jewellery. Each woman is special and Azilaa caters something unique and exquisite for every woman out there – to make her feel like a queen on every occasion or even on just a regular day. Jewellery from Azilaa carries the perfect balance of sentimental value coupled with a woman’s traditional ties and modern outlook on life.

The Artisan Behind Azilaa

The beacon behind this amazing jewellery brand and women empowerment is – believe it or not – an information technology graduate from Darjeeling – Anjali. Hailing from an army family, Anjali grew up on her grandfather’s heroic war stories from World War II. Her father too served in the forces during the 1971 war and as one would expect, growing up amidst army legacies and stories, Anjali steadily imbibed strong values, ethics, discipline, and courage. It’s a no-brainer where she gets her go-getter attitude from that has shaped her into the successful entrepreneur that she is today.

However, it was only after Anjali got married when she pursued her course in jewellery design from Ashworth College in the United States. She went on to earn her certification in gemology from The Gemological Institute of America, California. Not bad for an IT grad with a “clear-cut” passion for the prettier things in life!

Azilaa symbolizes kindness and purity. It is an exquisite antique fashion designer jewellery brand that makes beautifully crafted handmade gemstone studded jewellery for today’s versatile women.”

Combining her love for jewellery and the idea of empowering the highly talented, intelligent and versatile women of today, Anjali’s designer brand Azilaa handcrafts earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, jewellery sets, rings, and anklets. The brand also specializes in sterling silver along with a large variety of semi-precious stone jewellery collections. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted with great care while retaining the value of the art and the purity of the jewel over everything else to make the woman wearing it feel like an exquisite jewel herself!

But that’s not all. Anjali is the bold entrepreneur of, not one, but two successful ventures – Azilaa, the jewellery brand that not only makes beautiful jewellery but also helps preserve and promote India’s dying handmade jewellery market by generating employment for Indian artisans, and aStudio1980, a similar venture started with her husband. aStudio1980 specializes in handmade artisan jewellery custom-crafted for the stylish, sophisticated woman to give her that ‘wow’ factor. Their unique handmade jewellery also makes it the perfect gift to give to that special someone to bring some luster into their life.

The Idea That Sparked This Sparkling Business

Of course, as is the case with most creative talents, Anjali found no satisfaction and fulfillment from her conventional corporate career. To add to that, Anjali had to face a lot of harsh racial and gender-specific discrimination at the workplace despite carrying out her job with the utmost sincerity and efficiency. However, these incidents only made Anjali mentally stronger and gave her the courage and conviction to be independent and go after her dreams.

Anjali’s passion for design and the crafts took her to a number of places, especially those where she could communicate with rural artisans and learn about their impeccable crafts.

A majority of these craftsmen were poor and struggling for a decent living. This made her realize that if she can create a sustainable source of income for some of these talented individuals, perhaps she will be able to save some of these arts, and perhaps, the artisans themselves. It was the genesis of her entrepreneurship. Later, after her marriage and her first child, Anjali decided to take the plunge and make jewellery her career.

Our country has so much to offer when it comes to cultural diversity.”

This is where Anjali takes her design inspirations from. Many of her designs are a blend of modern day design ethics and ancient India’s rustic ethos. Anjali has always been fascinated with gemstones and is a big believer in their healing power. This curiosity and love for gemstones left a strong influence in her designs. She is constantly experimenting with gemstone designs and now has a complete line of gemstone jewellery collections.

The Man Who Put a Ring On Her Finger and Helped Her Do the Same for Other Women…

Anjali’s pillar of strength and support is and always has been her doting partner, her husband, Pravin, besides her family too. His support and engineering skills helped turn her dreams into reality. Pravin quit his job at HCL and single-handedly managed the technological and operational sides of the business while Anjali took care of the creative side. Together they worked like a well-oiled machine, perfectly complementing each other to build the perfect partnership – professionally and personally. Truly, a match made in heaven!

The Future for This Fashion-Forward Company

Azilaa not only caters to the modern working woman cum homemaker who’s looking for fashion accessory alternatives but also concentrates on promoting Indian artisans both domestically and internationally.

We are confident that we will be able to grow the business significantly in the domestic market and bring additional growth from the international market.”

Based on the potential for growth, the gems and jewellery industry has been declared as India’s focus area for export promotion. India is the largest exporter of gems and jewellery and the industry plays a vital role in terms of foreign exchange earnings. Anjali’s goal is to upscale her business by increasing her customer footprints through the international market while saving this country’s dying art form while protecting the interests of talented domestic artisans. We’re sure that with this scale of demand and Anjali’s amazing talent, she and her husband will pull it off with a ‘smooth finish’.

One should have a dream, a passion, and a goal but at the same time one should also work harder to make it happen.”

Immense determination and strong willpower are what got Anjali to where she is today, boldly pushing past all the difficulties that came her way. She urges other young entrepreneurs to do the same and follow their dreams, if they really want to make a change. After all, who doesn’t dream of adding a little bit of sparkle, shine, glitter and glamour into their lives and to the lives of others? We think it’s safe to say that, in this case, ‘All that glitters is – definitely, gold!’

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