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    Dr. Anjali Chaugule
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    Dr. Anjali Chaugule
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    Dr. Anjali Chaugule
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    Dr. Anjali Chaugule
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    Dr. Anjali Chaugule
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    Dr. Anjali Chaugule

Anjali Gives A New Meaning To The Phrase: ‘A Woman Can Do It All’

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A dynamic dentist by profession, an elegant Argentinian tango, ballroom and salsa dancer, an aspiring model, a passionate shutterbug, an artist at core, an eternal optimist and an epitome of elegance are what define Anjali Chaugule in a nutshell. Anjali, or more specifically, Dr. Anjali is an awesome amalgamation of a dentist, artist, model, and dancer. Her fiery passion, creative skills, artistic gene and a burning desire to always learn something new in life turned Anjali into the “Wonder Woman” that she is today.

“Life is a balancing act and I believe your personal skills and developing your talents and hobbies are just as important as giving your best on the professional front and that’s what adds flavour to a personality”, she replies confidently when asked how she manages to juggle all her talents along with her profession. She adds, simply, “If you have the passion and desire and put your heart and soul into anything, you will always find time out of your busy schedule for it.” It’s as easy as that! Anjali certainly knows how to do justice to the saying, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, which many of us try to uphold but end up giving up too quickly. But not a perfectionist like Anjali. Time management is child’s play for her. She works hard during the day and works on developing her gifts after work and on the weekends. If only the rest of us could use our time this productively.

Where does Anjali get her die-hard inspiration from? “My father, who is also a renowned doctor in Pune, has always been my pillar of strength, my inspiration at every step of the way in life and he has always supported me in all my endeavours in life. He has been my driving force and what I am today is because of him and my belief in myself and my potential.” In fact, Anjali says that her entire family has always been supportive of her in all her endeavours.

A Bold Beauty with Brains

With brains running in her family, it’s no doubt that Anjali is the holder of multiple impressive degrees. Finishing her convent education from St. Josephs High School, Pune and completing her undergrad from Fergusson College, Pune, Anjali went on to complete her dentistry from MGV Dental College, Nasik and internship program from BVP Dental College, Pune with distinctions. She’s been running her own dental clinic in Pune since 2005, called the ‘Oral Symphony Dental Care’ and she has also been a senior dental consultant with the renowned Symbiosis Institute in Pune since 2006. Anjali has also worked with renowned hospitals like Ruby Hall Clinic, Sanjeevan Hospital and many more organizations and clinics. She has received international hands-on training and diplomas in advanced dentistry from the UK. She holds an International Diplomate in Dermal Fillers from CODE AFA (U.K.) and also has an International Diplomate in French from Alliance Francaise, Pune.

Dr. Anjali is also a skilled stained glass and canvas artist. She loves to sketch, loves origami, and loves to try anything and everything that is creative and that inspires her and fuels her creativity. She is an ardent lover of jazz and country music, exotic destinations and picturesque places. She has travelled extensively to the UK, Japan, Paris, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and Dubai to continue developing her professional skills as a dentist and to fuel her love for dance.

Having conquered it all in the brains and creativity department, Anjali would like to conquer the beauty department too. And how she has. As a pageantry model, Anjali has always been a favourite amongst her mentors for her ramp walk and posing. She received “Best Ramp Walk” compliments from some of India’s top models and celebrity pageant trainer Alesia Raut to name a few. She has been a show opener for many beauty pageants. She was crowned ‘Pune Times Miss Most Popular Style Icon 2016’ and was a finalist in the top 5 of ‘Style Icon 2016 Season 4’. She was also crowned ‘Pune Fashion Fiesta Mega Model 2017’. She has received a number of other awards and accolades in the modelling field, for her profession as a dentist, and for her creative skills too. She is the pioneer of the ‘Health Page on Facebook for her institute Symbiosis Centre for Health Care, Pune and even has her own art page on Facebook called ‘CREATIVO’. Her success story was published in The Complete Woman Magazine.

Hungry for More…Feistily Fueling Her Thirst for Success…

But it doesn’t stop here for Anjali. Her dream is to carve a significant niche for herself in the glamour and art industry as a “Woman of Substance” and says that she would love to achieve so much more. After all, Anjali believes we have, “One life…Make the best of it! Follow your heart, do what you love and be consistent at it as you will open up a whole new world of exciting opportunities in life.”

Having achieved what most others could only dream of achieving in one lifetime, Anjali is asked if she was faced with any challenges along her journey to which she replies steadfastly and confidently, “Challenges are a part of everyday life, personal and professional, in any field but dedication, devotion, passion, love for your work, and determination will always help you get through and achieve your goals in life.” Anjali makes it sound so simple. Her mantra for her astounding success? “Push yourself beyond your limitations and boundaries to achieve your desired positive outcome”.

There’ll never be another now, I’ll make the most of today; there’ll never be another me, I’ll make the most of myself.”

Anjali believes that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique and different as a fingerprint and the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, hard work, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you. Spoken like a true believer in the saying, “Nothing is impossible.” Anjali is also a very positive person, full of life, who always believed in making every moment count. Her creative mind, willpower, determination, and her sense of gratitude have blessed her with abundance in life. Anjali teaches us that we all need to start incorporating a little more positivity into our lives to help bring out the best in us. She is also a firm believer in taking each day as it comes and not worrying too much about the future, something which we all could start following. “There’ll never be another now, I’ll make the most of today; there’ll never be another me, I’ll make the most of myself.”

“Success to me is not just about wealth, but doing what you do with love, dedication, and passion to make a difference to yourself and many others, to inspire others through your deeds and to win the hearts of people and enjoy life’s extraordinary pleasures from those riches.” Anjali is certainly a person whose rich personality and talent mean much more to her than material riches any day.

Success to me is not just about wealth, but doing what you do with love, dedication, and passion to make a difference to yourself and many others, to inspire others through your deeds and to win the hearts of people and enjoy life’s extraordinary pleasures from those riches.”



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