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Garnishing Food With Some Salt, Spice And A Lot of Soul, At The Bohri Kitchen

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Where do you go to if you’re in the mood for some soulful food cooked straight from the heart and enjoy it while in the comfort of a home away from home? Why, the Bohri Kitchen of course. Started by former analytical lead at Google, Munaf Kapadia, initially as a project to keep his mum busy, The Bohri Kitchen shines a bright, not to mention, ‘delightfully tasty’ light on this lesser-known cuisine to give it the recognition and love it deserves.

The Bohri Kitchen operates on 3 verticals. Dining Experiences – which happen every weekend in Colaba. Home Delivery – for people who’re too lazy to come to the other extreme of town (they can enjoy authentic Bohri food with a motherly touch at the comfort of their home). And catering – where Munaf and his team bring the entire experience to you at your preferred venue. It doesn’t get better – and yummier – than that!

What was the triggering point that awoke the entrepreneur in Munaf? “Well, the fact that, on my one day off, I didn’t get to watch television! Yes, that would be the triggering point.”

Opening up the doors to The Bohri Kitchen wasn’t a piece of cake, Munaf admits. For starters, Munaf didn’t belong to the hospitality background and had zero knowledge on how a kitchen should be set-up and all the other nitty grittys’. But slowly and steadily, he is overcoming all of them. He has also been extremely lucky to be mentored by some of the best in the hospitality biz. Apart from that, watching his mom and dad support him 100 percent in his venture is something that keeps him inspired all the time – and helps him bring home the goodies, no doubt!

A successful entrepreneur always cashes in on his talent to make it big! I, on the other hand, have cashed in on my mother’s talent.”

Munaf plans to make the city of Mumbai, then the nation, and slowly the world aware of Bohri food and culture. And, of course, the cherry on Munaf’s cake would be Shah Rukh Khan dining at his house!

Munaf shares his bold outlook on food, life, and entrepreneurship with others bitten by the business bug –

One should be ready to take a risk coupled with a leap of faith. They should always spend enough time on research and then have a realistic mind frame when it comes to starting a business. More importantly, even after you’ve done all that, be prepared for the big rocks that come in your way! And yes, choose your mentor very carefully!”

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