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    Pooja Khemka and Preeti Agrawal- Founders of myskoolbus

Myskoolbus Is Every Parents’ Ticket To Peace of Mind

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Every parent, at some point of time, has experienced the dreaded panic attack when it comes to their children going to or coming from school, whether it’s their children missing the school bus/van early in the morning or whether it’s worrying about them coming back very late in the evening. Basically once a parent sees their child off in the school bus everyday they have absolutely no way to track their whereabouts till they’re home. A new, gnarly app called ‘myskoolbus’ will put an end to all these painful parental worries.

Myskoolbus helps concerned parents keep a track of their children once they’re in the school bus, till the time they exit the school bus and come home safely. The main features of this app include location tracking, route updates with exact information, bus breakdown alarms, and parent, driver and school administration information. With the help of all these advanced features, the school admin, as well as the parents can get precise information about the whereabouts of their kids and assigned automobiles.

How Does It Work?

The app uses a vehicle tracking system to create a real time tracking system so that parents and school authorities may locate and receive instant updates and notifications regarding the school bus trips. Parents will know whether or not their child made it on the bus, and if they did, at what time so that they can make necessary arrangements. Children stranded at bus stops can be picked up without delay. It has never been easier to track students down in case of unfortunate incidents. It works on a computer, tablet or a smartphone, and lets the parents know the current location of the bus and how close it is to their pick-up point. Sending your children to school on the bus has never been this stress-free!

Supermoms Inspired to Help Out Other Moms

Pooja Khemka and Preeti Agrawal are the two ‘supermoms’ behind myskoolbus. Before myskoolbus, Pooja was a chartered accountant with 5 years of industry experience. She worked with Wellspun and as an independent CA. Preeti is a young mother too, who has completed her M. Com and is a certified financial planner.

For Pooja, dropping her child at the bus stop and picking him up later in the afternoon was a part of her daily routine. But what she considered a daily chore turned nightmarish when she missed the bus one afternoon and had to frantically wait for a whole hour before she could get to the school and pick up her worried child. Co-incidentally, on that very day, Preeti was also accompanying her for an exhibition where the two of them got so engrossed in shopping that they missed the time to pick up Pooja’s child from the bus stop. They reached the bus stop very late due to high traffic and were not able to contact the transport manager as his phone was continuously out of reach. After an hour, when they finally got connected to the transport manager, they picked up Pooja’s child from school.

Had we been given notifications about the bus location or known the bus route, it could have been very helpful and timesaving.”

This incident was a turning point in the mothers’ lives and they realized that this couldn’t be a rare happening. “This pain point of all parents made us the persons who we are today, entrepreneurs and the founders of myskoolbus.”

Because Only a Mother Understands Another Mother’s Plea

Their biggest inspiration was the fact that, they too, were mothers, who worried about the safety and security of their children. They wanted to make a significant contribution to the society that allowed parents and schools to keep a track of their children. The easiest way was in the form of an app. “We keep upgrading things in the application and try to solve each and every difficulty faced by parents regarding school transit of kids.” They even take feedback from parents about what other difficulties they might be facing in this regard and try to incorporate them into the app too.

The families have been extremely supportive of their idea as well. “Our families have always taught us to be independent. They have always been a source of inspiration.” Being mothers themselves, it wasn’t hard to understand every mother’s plight of having to wait for their precious child to come back home safely, not knowing where they are in the interim. Pooja and Preeti are glad that their efforts make parents feel secure and bring their children back home safely to them. Their sole focus is on developing myskoolbus even further. They are currently communicating with investors to raise more funds and are also looking for franchisee partners to spread their wings PAN India.

The myskoolbus entrepreneurs sign off on this bold note, which they hope will instill some ‘drive’ in other bold entrepreneurs too, who want to make a difference in society – “Never stop believing in yourself, be strong headed. Times will be hard and it will take efforts for you to convince people out there. But patience, strong will, determination and hard work will pay in long run.”

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