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Kalyaani: The Musician With A Purpose

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She has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry from Hindi rockers Daira and hip-hop collective Swadesi to singer-songwriter Vasuda Sharma and even tribal musicians. Her latest album titled ‘Noises in My Head’ just made its debut. She is part of Strisvara, an initiative with Treeonz supported by the US Consulate and the Karnataka government. It is the only organization of its kind that has an all women residency and that empowers and encourages tribal girls to work alongside urban and international musicians. Her work has been recognized by the Platform Magazine India, and the Discovery Channel India.

Who is Kalyaani?

Kalyaani Sakkarwal is an independent musician, singer-songwriter from Delhi, now based out of Mumbai. Kalyaani has a strong voice that conveys emotion beautifully, echoing the earthiness of her native – Himachal, where she grew up. Resonating with causes such as environmental preservation and animal rights, she is the founding member of the independent band, Anantara, and has been playing extensively across Delhi and lately in Mumbai. She made her video debut with ‘5 Elements’, directing attention to the devastation caused by the Uttarakhand floods. Along with Anantara, she was also the launch artist for Red FM’s ‘Red Bandstand’, an initiative that has seen subsequent success nationwide. Apart from developing her vocal ability, Kalyaani counts songwriting – both English and Hindi – as the other thing that keeps her motivated. 

Since childhood, I have been close to music, just the regular school things, college things, and then, the dream.”

Living Her Childhood Dream

As a child, Kalyaani was always inclined towards the musical note from reading poetry to listening to all kinds of music. Gradually, music just became something she wanted to do all the time and by herself. Music helped her be herself all the time. On the way, Kalyaani met some incredible individuals who were in sync with the kind of work she liked to do and the issues she believed in. And it wasn’t easy shifting to music after a stable corporate job. But Kalyaani’s parents always stood by her bold decision and are extremely proud of her work. That’s all that matters to Kalyaani.

What is music to Kalyaani? “A way of life, a revolution and my one true friend!” Life is her inspiration, and all its events, that play with all the emotions in her musical spectrum.

Kalyaani feels that every generation listens to a type of music that inspires them to create their own individualistic approach, but says no matter what they listen to, their core values will always stay the same.

Kalyaani looks forward to her upcoming music tour and collaborating with more amazing artists to make beautiful music together. Her bold advice to others who are aiming to pursue music professionally? “Do what works for you, be yourself and support each other!”

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