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Making Every Woman’s Favourite Thing More Wonderful With MYO

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Since the beginning of time, jewellery has always been an innate part of a woman, an extended part of her body, her mind, and her soul. And as time went by, it didn’t become something that had to be adorned only on special occasions but became a part of a woman’s everyday life. A necessity if you will. For a woman feels incomplete without her favourite jewellery. And MYO aims to make every woman feel complete and beautiful all day, every day with their exquisite, indulgent and haute couture pieces of heaven!

MYO delivers carefully handcrafted jewellery that a woman can wear while making breakfast in the kitchen to a business meeting at work and straight to the bar to meet her friends for drinks later. MYO also helps revive the dying aesthetic value of jewellery making that is being swallowed up by mass-produced faux jewellery. MYO picks only the best gemstones and precious metals and turns them into wearable pieces of art while telling a story along the way. At MYO, you can expect a mélange of attractive trinkets for your face and torso that are in line with international trends but, at the same time, add a personal touch.

The Artisan Behind MYO

Milly Ghumman, even as a little girl, was more into fashion than all her friends, so much so that she would wear only the clothes her mom made her (she had her own clothing line), and soon started taking orders from her friends at college. She literally ran her own small business in college. Milly dabbled in modelling while in college and went to NIFT, Delhi for a short course. She lived in San Francisco for a short while where she discovered her passion for wine. Upon her return to India, Milly helped a few restaurants set up their cocktail/wine menu. She was also a fashion stylist for Maxim India.

MYO is a result of the inherent need to create out of one’s current environment, deeply influenced by the rich history of colours, gemstones and artisans that is at the root of the traditional Indian experience and blending that with the unique perspective that comes with travel to create contemporary pieces for women and men, world over, today.”

MYO’s design element is functional yet versatile. Delicate symmetry punctuated with precious and semi-precious stones is the luxury that MYO affords every woman. The use of materials and design theory are a direct influence of Milly’s sensibility to strive towards all things natural. Curating natural elements and stones found in the surroundings, with contemporary designs.

The Making Of MYO

MYO came about when Milly went out one day looking for an ‘everyday’ piece, something fine but with a casual, chic edge, but she couldn’t find anything. A lot of her friends had the same problem too. After experimenting and getting a few pieces made for herself, she asked people for their opinion about the jewelry she was wearing. It became a conversation starter and a few orders came in too. And this gave birth to MYO. An extensive jewelry collection comprising of bracelets, necklaces, chokers, cuffs, rings and earrings, and more – all designed with a rigorous, minimalistic city aesthetic, with a casual edge, all handmade by artisans. “I wanted to be the shift for customers wanting fine fashion jewelry over costume.” Milly was aware that customers wanted something with an edge and that was cost-effective but high in quality. That’s when she introduced her first official line consisting of precious and semi-precious stones comprising of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, opals, turquoise, baroque pearls, etc., all set in silver, plated with 24K, 18K, and 14K gold. 

Milly also does personalised pieces when there is less workload. “Personalisation requires a lot of time and I want it to be perfect for the customer.” Milly says that personalisation involves a lot of planning from selecting the piece of jewelry to the etching. Milly has had new mothers wanting their kid’s name on a pendant, or a bracelet with a wedding date. Personalisation can take up to 2-3 months.

Travel is from where I get the most inspiration.”

Some of Milly’s best work ideas have come to her in the middle of the night. Milly’s mom would say that if ideas did come, to welcome them, note them down at night and work on it the next day. Since then Milly started keeping a notepad on her bedside.

My recent collection is inspired by my surroundings.”

Milly’s parents have been very supportive all through the years. Her husband was the real push factor behind MYO Designs. “I’ve learned everything I know about business from him.”

The Future For MYO

“I want MYO’s designs to be a form of a lifestyle business.” Milly says that she’s going to be introducing a coffee table book soon with some beautiful photographs taken by her husband. “His pictures speak to me in so many ways and I want to be able to share that joy with more people.”

Milly says that everything in life is competitive, but she gives us bold words of encouragement. “Just do it and believe in yourself. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.” She adds that hard work is essential. “Build on your dream. Not everyone is going to like what you do but you can’t take that personally.” She encourages other young entrepreneurs to keep moving forward and working on their dream, even though everybody has different tastes and likes, but there will always be people who will enjoy their work, appreciate it and love it too.

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