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    Dhruti Mehta
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    Dhruti Mehta

Adding A Little Oomph To Occasions With Love Doodle

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Tired of surprising your bae with the age-old ‘I love you’ card along with cake and flowers on Valentine’s Day? Planning on the ultimate proposal to the love of your life but fresh out of ideas on how to go about it? Don’t fret, Love Doodle is here to help you out with your love life!

Love Doodle takes away the monotony of plain old boring surprises and celebrations on special occasions and replaces it with something a little more special and personal to make the experience more memorable, fun and exciting. A new-age gifting company, it replaces traditional and boring gift giving with exciting, unique experiences and handpicked products. Love Doodle loves to create special memories that last you a lifetime.

Meet The Founder

Dhruti Mehta was a commerce graduate with over 10 years of experience in corporate litigation before starting Love Doodle in January 2016. Her well-paying but terribly mundane job came with more stress and less job satisfaction which made her yearn for something more meaningful in her life. With immense support from her husband, she took the bold decision to leave her job and start something of her own.

The turning point of starting a business actually happened over a cup of coffee, where we were discussing opportunities with a friend and I realized that there would be nothing more satisfying than starting Love Doodle which is a passion and definitely a great business model in itself.”

Spreading The Love…

Dhruti confesses that the ideas for Love Doodle spring from her and her husband’s passion to make every occasion in their lives special through different experiences. From staying in a private bungalow in a vineyard to experiencing the thrill of being driven in a Rolls Royce; from bonding with friends over pottery class to enjoying a stay in a 100-year-old heritage village property, Dhruti and her husband have added their life’s experiences and memories to Love Doodle’s book of ideas for celebrating occasions in a different way.

Spreading happiness and bringing back emotions to people’s lives and celebrations is my biggest inspiration. In today’s day and age, life has become very fast and everything is technology driven, but the human element is missing and I am bringing that back.”

Dhruti’s family, although initially skeptical about her leaving her well-paying job in legal, did manage to come around when they saw Dhruti’s love and passion for what she did. She says she managed to convince her family with her smiles which Love Doodle gave her. She also adds that since the inception of Love Doodle her husband has been her strongest pillar of support.

No “Match” For Her Competitors

Luckily for Dhruti, Love Doodle doesn’t have to battle too many competitors. Their target audience includes individuals and corporates, and organizing personalized and/or intimate celebrations for them which not many others have dared to take on. Dhruti’s focus is not on her competition but collaborating with people she loves and making beautiful, happy memories together in a positive environment that benefit her clients and her company’s future too. Her focus this year is to help more corporates with specialized client and employee retention programs. She has already started PAN India operations that include sending cakes and flowers with personalized messages. She is also all set to launch her ‘gift voucher’ concept so that people can pick and choose things to their liking and be gifted an experience rather than just another product. Additionally, Dhruti is going to be adding new services to her company portfolio which gives people a little extra flavour and choice in choosing their experiences, which can be completely customized to their taste and liking.

“Don’t keep waiting for the right time, as that time never comes,” says this bold go-getter to other entrepreneurs who need a little nudge. “Research your idea well; you don’t make profits from day one so have patience and don’t lose hope,” Dhruti suggests having a financial security or a backup plan of at least 6 months and definitely recommends having a business mentor. Also, creating a 5-year plan for your business with a scalable model helps keep your growth in check. “Lastly I strongly believe in my mantra, ‘Trust yourself and the world will trust you’.” Dhruti is a bold example of how boldly believing in yourself will make your life full of wonderful, unforgettable experiences.

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