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Pamper Your Taste Buds With Pepper That

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Confused about whether to order Chinese, pizza or biryani for dinner? Just dial Pepper That! Pepper That is a home-based catering service of frozen foods that are ready to fry and ready to eat. On the weekends, there’s a different menu so people can place their orders and take out delicious and healthy home cooked food. Pepper That also caters to working people who don’t have the time to put together a meal on some days and retired people who don’t want to take the trouble to cook for just 1-2 people. From preparing children’s snack boxes to mouth-watering burger patties and even Thai chicken meatballs, Pepper That has it all! On a protein diet? No worries, because Pepper That will have compliant, delicious meat products too. All their home cooked food is healthy and scrumptious minus the preservatives.

Meet the Chef

Lisa Colaso Govias has always been a foodie ever since the age of 7. A professional cake artist and baker, Lisa taught in a cooking school in Dubai called Cooking-Sense. She has catered in Dubai as well as in Bangalore since the 90’s.

“My thirst for knowledge, adventure, keeping myself challenged a lot of the time, and always trying something new is what keeps me going,” says a bold Lisa. She hates being stagnant she says and gets bored of one routine very quickly. This is what inspired her to start her own company; so that she could cook whatever she felt like whenever she wanted, try out new dishes or cuisines and share her love for food with the world.

My thirst for knowledge, adventure, keeping myself challenged a lot of the time, and always trying something new is what keeps me going”

Lisa enjoys the fact that she can work from home while managing the house and raising her two wonderful kids at the same time too. “I like being able to plan my time and having the time to do a few things for myself and my family,” which is what makes Lisa the perfect mother cum housewife cum entrepreneur! And who ever said a woman can’t do it all?

Lisa says that is was her mum who always encouraged her to pursue her love for cooking by teaching and guiding her whenever she attempted to bake, right from the age of 7. No doubt, Lisa did have some hits and misses and even though her siblings would make fun of her sometimes, this only made Lisa all the more determined to succeed. “My husband is extremely supportive and helpful and so are my children, who are my biggest fans.” Aww!

Lisa is currently looking at options for the viability of retailing the frozen line of foods and making it more accessible to a wider market. She is also working on writing her own food blog.

“I enjoy the fact that I am my own boss,” says the bold and determined boss lady. However, labour is an issue that she has to deal with from time to time, she admits. Besides that, it is hard work, consistency, and dedication. Lisa says that there will always be days when you will feel like quitting, but you should just hang on till things get better and you will eventually see the results. “I have learned that you have to constantly be innovative, adding new flavours and products, as people get bored with the same.” Well, we couldn’t agree more with this bold baker, chef, wife, and mother of two, who certainly succeeded at adding more spice and flavour to her life, her way.


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