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Bringing Nutrition Into The Playing Field

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With everyone on a fitness and diet craze today, sports persons and athletes need to ensure their nutrition, fitness and diet too. And that’s where Amit Mehta and Monica Becerril come in, with their scientific-sports nutrition company Unived that caters custom-made diet plans to performance and endurance athletes using clinically proven ingredients.

The partnership behind Unived

Monica was born in Mexico and grew up in the U.S. She was an athlete during her school years and a key defender in her school soccer team. Monica continued her love for sports into college through running, soccer, and lots of trekking.

 Amit was born in Bombay. He played soccer for his school, college, and university, and has been involved in athletics and fitness ever since he was a boy. Amit started Unived in 2010 with the idea to research and develop various vegan dietary supplements and sports nutrition products. Unived has pioneered in the vegan and plant-based supplement market in India, and is currently the leading brand for all vegan products as well as sports nutrition products for endurance athletes.

“I felt restricted in the various jobs that I was in. There was no room to think, to be creative, and to pursue my own instincts. I wanted to do something other than the ordinary, I wanted to make an impact and create something original. Entrepreneurship was the only way,” says a very bold and confident Amit who seemed to know exactly what he wanted out of life and stopped at nothing to achieve it.

When asked what his biggest inspiration is Amit replies breezily, “Inspiration is contagious and it is all around me. Nature is my biggest inspiration.” Amit says he spends most of his weekends up in the mountains, trekking and running under the clear skies. He says that many of his product ideas come to him during these runs. “The thing about entrepreneurship and doing what you love is that you are always working and yet you never are. Work doesn’t seem like work; it is a part of me, so it goes with me wherever I am. Ideas come through at any time, without warning and with a full explosion!” says an excited and enthusiastic Amit.

Family support and the future for Unived

Amit says that his family has always been very supportive of his work and they have always wanted him to do what makes him happy. They have witnessed his struggle with Unived and have seen it grow into what it is today. “I believe they are satisfied and happy, as are Monica’s parents.”

Do not second guess yourself. Listen to your gut. If there is a fire burning in your stomach, don’t extinguish it – chase it and make it happen!”

When asked about his future plans for the company Amit replies, “Unived is our only baby; there is no time for other ventures.” The two proud parents of Unived have recently launched their brand in the U.S. and this year are focused on their company making a strong presence there. “We wish to establish Unived as an ethical, plant-based, nutrition company that offers products and support to the entire family.”

Amit leaves us with some bold words of advice to other young and budding entrepreneurs who are looking to pursue their dreams too. “Do not second guess yourself. Listen to your gut. If there is a fire burning in your stomach, don’t extinguish it – chase it and make it happen!” just like a very bold and brave Amit and Monica did.

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