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Shredded Singh Is Shredding The Boundaries Of Fitness!

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Preetinder or ‘Shredded’ Singh (as his social media followers affectionately call him) is certainly stirring up a storm on the internet with his sinewy poses. A hard-“Core” vegetarian hailing from the land of Punjab, Shredded’s mantra in life revolves around healthy eating, healthy living, and, of course, being fabulously fit!

Shredded’s fetish for fitness started way back in college where he would spend his days hitting the gym, learning all about nutrition and how to optimize his performance in the gym by eating well. He finished his Masters in Business Academics (MBA) in 2012 and tried pursuing a career in the respective field only to soon learn that corporate definitely wasn’t his calling. Shredded decided to pursue a profession which he felt most passionately about -fitness. And from then on there was no looking back.

His ‘Body’ Of Work

“I started my career as a fitness model in March 2015, when I stepped onto the Men’s Physique competition stage for the first time in Mumbai. I placed among the top 20 Athletes out of 250 competitors which was quite a great achievement for me.” Shredded says that he loved the camaraderie he experienced backstage with the other athletes at the competition. “I was also energized and inspired meeting fitness enthusiasts and my fans.” In 2016, Shredded earned his certification in Sports Nutrition from the U.S. based International Sports Science Association (ISSA). Now, he enjoys his work as a freelancer fitness model, a full-time online personal trainer and a sports nutritionist.

Shredded confesses that he hit a fork in the road in 2012 when he had just finished his degree and started preparing for competitive exams for government jobs. He took more than 50 exams but in spite of doing well, realized that this career wasn’t right for him. He was even offered a banking job but turned it down. He was at crossroads; he could either choose corporate or choose his passion for fitness and healthy living. “It was the best decision of my life that I chose my passion.”

Now, Shredded, via his social media pages and online personal training videos, enjoys teaching many people all around the world about fitness and nutrition. “It is so humbling to have people follow me for inspiration. When people are excited about the tips and instructions I have to share, it re-energizes me in my own journey.” Shredded would like to share an important message to the youth of today, “Good things never come easy, you have to take risks in your life.”

The road to fitness and fortune

Shredded initially had to face some inhibitions from his concerned parents who were worried about whether he was doing the right thing. They were concerned about whether he would be able to earn enough to pay his bills. They didn’t realize that fitness was an industry, not just a hobby. And five years ago, this would have probably been the case as the ability to have a fitness career in Patiala was almost impossible.

But not for Shredded. With a lot of sacrifices, dedication, and hard work, he made it happen, and today, his parents couldn’t be happier and more proud of him. When Shredded was first starting out, he was young and had very little money. He even had to resort to selling his beloved Royal Enfield bike in order to generate enough cash to kick-start his career in fitness. He also worked part-time for 10 months in an insurance company and used the money he saved up to finish his international ISSA certification to become a certified sports nutritionist. And from that day on, he never stopped pursuing his dreams.

The Motivation Behind This Muscleman

“Books are my biggest inspiration,” says a focused and motivated Shredded. He says he’s learned a lot from his religion’s holy book ‘SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI’. Also, one of his favourite books is ‘Unlimited Power’ by Tony Robbins. This book changed his vision and the way he pursued his goals. “Now, no matter how physically exhausted I get, I never let my mind slip from its focus on my goals.”

“For me, fitness is not just going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. Hard work and dedication day in and day out regarding diet and exercise have obviously improved my physical fitness.” Shredded says that his fitness journey has helped him to be more confident, consistent, dedicated, and motivated in all aspects of life. He says that a person wanting to be fit doesn’t mean that that person is shallow but just means that he or she wants to be more in line with what society considers “beautiful” and that includes a fantastic body.

My motto is that ‘life is more about giving rather than just taking.’ If I am living my life just for myself; if I am working everyday just for my goals but not doing anything positive for my society, then there is no positive outcome of my life.”

Shredded says that fitness is for everyone; for children, students, men and women, older people, those who are physically healthy, and for those with health issues or physical constraints. Fitness is for those who have a lot of time to devote to themselves, and for those who have many family responsibilities too; it is for those who can afford expensive supplements and for those who cannot. “I want people to be inspired to be the very best version of themselves that they can be. We are each our own competition.” He says that the small things matter the most; incorporating small changes like exercising a little more and eating a little healthier every day. The choices that we make today will affect our future selves.

Pumping Iron And Pumping On…

In the near future, Shredded plans to expand his fitness platform from fitness athlete and animal rescuer to motivational speaker.  He’s already started taking small steps towards this. “My motto is that ‘life is more about giving rather than just taking.’ If I am living my life just for myself; if I am working everyday just for my goals but not doing anything positive for my society, then there is no positive outcome of my life.” He says that what he has in store for the future is a surprise.

This bold and beefy entrepreneur shares some of his fitness secrets with those aiming to enter the fitness field themselves. “If someone wants to build their career in fitness, then they need to get serious about their eating! Whatever you serve on your plate plays a role in your body transformation.” He says that people definitely need to learn about nutrition and how to train properly. Shredded says that if you want to be a trainer, then you’ve got to make sure you actually learn the information and get the relevant certifications before training someone else. “In the end, I would like to say that there is no book which can replace practical experiences. So start tracking your results and learn from yourself!”

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