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Why Shop When You Can Have This For That?

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What if you needed a brand new LBD or something fancy for a night out into town with your best gal pals or for a sudden corporate dinner with out of town clients? You don’t have time to go shopping and you definitely don’t have time to order something online let alone deal with the pressure of trying on ten different dresses at the mall, which is going to close in under an hour! What do you do? Don’t sweat it; Just try This for That. It’s “that” simple!

This for That is a place for like-minded women to share their closets, tastes, and trust. It’s a great way to meet people and share your closet and fashion experiences and advice with the whole world. Women can use the platform to exchange/swap, clothes/shoes/bags/accessories/cosmetics from their closets that they don’t use much or don’t use at all, for things that they might like from someone else’s closet, without any money changing hands. Think of the money you’d save on shopping! And this swap can be either temporary or permanent; it’s entirely up to you!

The Closets, Closets, Closets of India!

Nancy Bhasin is the creator of This for That. The advertising professional spent close to a decade in advisory marketing before starting her very own company. She started her career in qualitative research where she discovered her passion for studying consumer behaviour. Some of the brands she’s worked closely with include Liberty Footwear, Converse, a significant portfolio of fashion brands from Future Group, The Times of India and Godfrey Phillips India. In her last stint before This For That, she was working closely with several brands to hone their content and new media strategies. Looks like Nancy dabbled in a lot of different things before she finally came out of the closet!

“I was itching to make a significant switch. I wanted to use all my experience and create something of my own.” Nancy admits that she would watch a lot of Ted Talks, listen to podcasts before she stumbled upon a Ted Talk by Rachel Botsman on collaborative consumption. She was immediately fascinated by the concept and began looking at ways to apply it to the Indian context. After loads of iterations, This For That was born.

Nancy says she takes inspiration from many things in life like reading about amazing people who’ve created products and solutions that the whole world is using. As for coming up with new ideas? Well, Nancy likes to take a walk to get those wheels in her head turning. “While, I do most of my thinking all on my own, I also enjoy bouncing off other people’s ideas and getting different perspectives. That’s how I evolve my ideas.”

Nancy’s family has always been 100% supportive of her dreams and she feels really lucky to have their backing. In fact, her biggest push, whenever she begins to doubt herself, comes from her husband!

Entrepreneurship is the toughest, most testing journey for an individual. While the learning curve is perpendicular, it comes at a huge cost.”

The future for this female fashionista

Currently, Nancy and her team are revamping and relaunching the app which will be out in a few weeks. She says she cannot wait to share her new product with the world because she’s worked so hard on it. They are also looking at expanding beyond Delhi and NCR this year. All in all, Nancy has a pretty eventful year ahead of herself.

“I’m eating, sleeping, breathing This For That for now, so nothing else is on the agenda. There’s so much to do to evolve TFT into a household name.” Looks like Nancy has all the true makings of a real entrepreneur.

Nancy’s take on entrepreneurship?

“Entrepreneurship is the toughest, most testing journey for an individual. While the learning curve is perpendicular, it comes at a huge cost.” Nancy says that she spent her entire career in a cushy job, so despite the fair warnings, it came as a surprise even to her. Nothing but perseverance and the continuous will to get better at what you’re doing will get you there. Seek advice and help from people who know more than you. Don’t let the fear of hearing a “no” stop you. Most people are willing to help. All you have to do is ask.

“I’m a different person this year. My key area of focus aside from growing the business is also to build my own personal brand, network and reach out to as many people as I can. At the end of the day, all of this will contribute to your business,” says Nancy.

“Especially when you’re starting out and when people don’t really know your brand that well, you are the brand. So put yourself out there.” Just like a very bold Nancy took the leap to put herself out there and come out of her closet to achieve her dreams!


  1. Am not sure how this works..what about hygiene standards to be maintained while borrowing clothes or makeup from some one else, also what if there is any damage? I really don’t want a torn dress to reach me :-(.
    Not sure if all aspects have been taken care off.

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