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Increase Your Networking Circle With Vantage Circle

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Where do the employees from the world’s top corporates such as Accenture, Infosys, and Wipro go to, to avail amazing shopping offers, indulge in interactive engagement activities with other corporate bums and even get free health tips? Why, Vantage Circle of course. Started by two e-commerce professionals, Vantage Circle is India’s leading cloud-based employee engagement platform provider that manages a plethora of corporate benefit solutions for the world’s biggest companies including their very own integrated health and wellness program called Vantage Fit.

Currently, their user base includes 300,000+ employees who can meet together at one online platform to make their life more comfortable, fun and stress-free. From dining to holidays to exclusive childcare deals; from hospitals to utilities or insurance, Vantage Circle offers its clients more than 400 handpicked privileges that are specially customized as per employee preferences.

The Brains Behind This Bold Venture

Anjan founded his own consulting company in the UK and it taught him a few things about running a business on his own. Partha has over 20 years of experience in the e-commerce field and was a school friend of Anjan’s. Partha had always wanted to do something on his own for over the last decade. Previous ideas that friends suggested were always lacking something. He decided to focus on corporates as it was a niche market but with a high spending capability. Starting something together was always a discussion point for Partha and Anjan. It was ultimately Partha who took the plunge to start Vantage Circle in 2011 and Anjan joined him as the co-founder in 2013 to look after the technology and operations part. The duo would later prove to be the perfect synergetic partnership for the science of e-commerce!

“Pioneers in Indian IT and internet companies are the biggest inspirations, particularly the early trailblazers,” says Partha. “Some of the IT company pioneers in India like Narayan Murthy have always been an inspiration to our generation,” says Anjan. Anjan says that he listens to their customers, colleagues, partners, and advisors every day in terms of what they need to build/modify next. Doing business on the internet and selling/supporting SAAS/cloud software is a skill that they are still trying to develop every day. Looks like the learning curve never stops even for the smartest of entrepreneurs, like Anjan and Partha.

Family Backing And Future Plans

“If someone asks me what is the biggest contributor to our entrepreneurial success, I would say family support,” says a grateful and humble Partha. And Anjan couldn’t agree more with him. “Family support is extremely important,” he says and admits that it was his family back in his hometown of Guwahati that motivated him to come back to India from the UK.

Start with an idea and work on it with long-term commitment. Things are never clear at the start and entrepreneurs need to constantly keep asking them questions about what/how to do next. There is no substitute for continuous learning.”

The powerful partnership aims to offer their services globally and become a global leader in cloud-based employee engagement solutions. “Technology is coming to HR and we want to provide more and more technology-based solutions for employee engagement.”

Making A Change To India’s Corporate Culture

Anjan also throws light on two very important aspects that he feels are ignored in today’s brutal and fast-paced corporate culture – health and spending time with the family. He says that it is extremely important for everyone to see their near and dear ones regularly and also keep fit and healthy too. Not enough importance is given to one’s health when one is slogging it out on the corporate floor 12-14 hours a day which foreign corporates seem to address more. “If there is a thing called ‘Think global but act locally’, I think we are living it to a certain extent.” And we are thankful that they are.

The dynamic duo shares some priceless and bold words of advice to other young, hot-blooded and budding entrepreneurs out there. Partha says, “Don’t get paralysis by analysis! Don’t overanalyze things. Be patient and persistent, things do work out.”

Anjan says, “Start with an idea and work on it with long-term commitment. Things are never clear at the start and entrepreneurs need to constantly keep asking them questions about what/how to do next. There is no substitute for continuous learning.” Looks like these two bold, brainy and brilliant entrepreneurs have given us a 101 in business skills, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Employee engagement in health, physical fitness is very important for self development and gives rejuvenated experience to gain confidence and move forward with positive attitude to achieve the best in life

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