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Creativity Comes to Life at The Bohemian House

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Got the creative bug in you but looking for a way to let it out? Head to the Bohemian House (TBH) on Richmond Road, a creative, fun platform for artists, designers and creative people based in Bangalore to let their imagination run free. The 6000+ sq.ft. heritage property located in the heart of Bangalore is over 40 years old and is part of a private estate housing the old Woodland’s

Restaurant (Woody’s). The property is divided into multiple sectors rendering different services that target the creative community of Bangalore.

The Bohemian House is a platform that inspires creative artists to create more and create better. It is built around a community of free-thinkers, doers and dreamers who come from all walks of life to express themselves through their chosen craft. At The Bohemian House, you can co-work with other creative talents, draw inspiration from the store dedicated to reviving tribal art-forms, attend or organize a full year’s calendar of inspired events at the venue, and access audiences through the trunk shows and pop-up shows conducted across the city.

The Bold Businesswoman Behind the Bohemian House

Shalini Prasad is a true Bangalorean. Born and brought up in the Garden city, Shalini is an interior design graduate from Raffles Millennium International. She attended Mount Carmel College and later completed her graduation in design. She always wanted to be a designer but also wanted to run her own business which would leave an impact on society. She drew inspiration from her immediate surroundings and loved listening to different people’s stories, interpreting her own versions from observation. She is eclectic by nature, deriving her ideas, styles, and tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources. Her eye for detail is in a word, unique, and she has an open mind to enrich one’s life experiences. Her design aesthetics are also influenced by culture and craft.

We house a creative co-working space, an in-house Greek Cafe (Marzipan), our own curated interior store with rare artisan decor pieces (The Pieces Boutique), and vast indoor and outdoor spaces for creative workshops and events.”

Turning Her Dreams into Reality

“I dreamt of being a businesswoman, as well as a designer. Interior design was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wanted the best of both worlds.”

Shalini aimed to create a niche platform that catered to anyone who believed that they were creative and had the skills to prove it. She pursued her strongest skill – “conceptualization” and made it her main concept, which she turned into her business. Her first collection of home décor products under the label, “Pieces” at The Bohemian House, which was very personal to her, was called “Contradiction”. She was intrigued at how the traditional arts and crafts of India or any craft in the world would be the most critical trend, if nurtured right. According to her, it is the way forward.

I have always been extremely ambitious, and it was very important for me to be self-assured. Emotions of people are significant to both my mother and me. We wanted a platform where one could express.”

Shalini holds her business very close to her as it is a project that she shares with her mother. She says that The Bohemian House is an expansion of their creativity.

“My family has been my greatest support. They have been more confident in me than I have been in myself and have recognised my ability before anybody else did. Their belief in what I can do is a blessing.”

The Bohemian House conducts several events a month to bring the creative community together, from paint bars to influencer parties; from talks on environmental sustainability to a fun grape stomping session followed by some delicious wine tasting.



“I have always been extremely ambitious, and it was very important for me to be self-assured. Emotions of people are significant to both my mother and me. We wanted a platform where one could express.”

Shalini leaves us with a few simple yet powerful words of advice for all those who are aiming to pursue their courageous, creative dreams, just like she did –

“It is always hard, but it is not the end. It is all temporary. It will unfold and become what you want it to be as far as you don’t change your mind.  You CAN do anything you want. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

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