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Reviving and Celebrating the Ancient Art Forms at Navrasa Duende

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A production house that endeavors to create, manage, and promote unique productions of live entertainment across countries in a wholesome way, covering music, dance, theatre, cinema, visual arts, literature, and tourism…Welcome to Navrasa Duende.

Navrasa Duende was founded by Mr. Dinesh Singh, a 63-year-old art enthusiast, who is also an entrepreneur and engineer by profession. Within its two years of existence, Navrasa has been able to bring change to approximately 100,000 lives. Their dire demand for family entertainment and distracting the digitally-glued audience, something that is significantly required in today’s tech dominated world, has been extremely successful.

I think entrepreneurship is a very creative process to express oneself, as to what you are and what expressions you can bring to your product, as well as processes.”

The Bold and Brainy Background of This Bold Entrepreneur

Mr. Dinesh spent more than three and a half decades of his life in the field of engineering before his urges to pursue his creative side became bigger and stronger. His interests lied largely in music, cinema, theatre, and the performing arts. He wanted to take his love for the arts to the public at large and promote high-quality entertainment in the country. He wanted corporate houses to adopt a holistic and global approach to integrate the universal forms and genres of arts to defy all geographical and political boundaries. And that’s how his production house, Navrasa Duende, came about.

“Navrasa Duende was envisioned to bring all forms and genres of global art onto a single platform. We’ve only just begun, and the journey so far has been exhilarating.”

When asked if any hardships were encountered during his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Dinesh replies very matter-of-factly, “Entrepreneurship is hard at any age, whether one is 25 or 60 years old.” He relied on his years of business experience and creative urge to help him get through the tough moments. He encountered many skeptics along the way who didn’t believe in his idea but didn’t let this sway him. He brushed their disbelief aside and just kept going after his dreams. His decision to co-produce and stage the Swan Lake Ballet by an all international cast on a big scale was path-breaking. No sponsor or financer was ready to risk it. No one felt convinced that India had a big enough audience for ballet. It was indeed a tough call to take, all at his risk. But risk it he did, and in the end, it all paid off, handsomely!

60 And Still Going Strong…

Mr. Dinesh’s family has always been incredibly supportive of his decision to embark on the entrepreneurial journey even at the controversial age of 60, standing by him at all times. “My wife, especially, is very understanding and encouraged me to keep following my passion through all the challenges I faced while establishing Navrasa Duende”, says Mr. Dinesh, gratefully.

This bold entrepreneur is in the midst of two major productions, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘The Nutcracker’, as a part of the ongoing collaboration with the Royal Russian Ballet. He is also planning Navrasa Duende’s first, completely in-house theatre production ‘R.K. Laxman Common Man goes right to the Center,’ a political and social satire based on global happenings and history, and combines ballet, opera, and cartooning techniques to give it a unique format for the first time in theatre. Mr. Dinesh is also writing the script and will direct the production and is something he is particularly looking forward to. Besides this, he has already started working on the third edition of ‘Navrasa Duende International Classic Movie Festival.’

Entrepreneurship is hard at any age, whether one is 25 or 60 years old.”

Mr. Dinesh leaves us with some powerful words of advice to all those who are looking to tread down the path to achieving their creative dreams, just like he did –

“Perseverance, creativity, patience and the ability to learn and unlearn are key to achieving your dreams and being successful, especially when you have to swim against the tide of general opinion to get to where you want to.”

Mr. Dinesh has, without a doubt, proven that the sayings, ‘It’s never too late’ and ‘Age is just a number’, are absolutely true, if you have your mind, heart and soul set on what you want to do!

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