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Say hello to every trader’s best friend! ExportersIndia.Com is a Delhi-based company that offers a unique platform for sellers and buyers to interact. It is India’s largest searchable B2B marketplace & exporters’ directory that connects manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and buyers to generate value from unlimited online trade opportunities and buyer enquiries. Its mission is to touch the horizon where its capabilities can successfully meet with the requirements of its clients with ultimate transparency and cost-effectiveness.
Debuting as a residence-based office way back in 1997, this small but influential company was built into a booming empire by ace entrepreneur Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta. A B.Com graduate and ICWA certified professional, Sunil believes in leading by example. He is credited with creating a diverse ecosystem that binds the ExportersIndia.Com team under his single vision and motivation, viz. utilizing the power of the internet to establish a connection in the B2B segment.

For Sunil, entrepreneurship was always on the cards, as he started with establishing a small manufacturing unit. It was in the year 1997 when a brainwave brought him to explore the world of the internet. He then cleverly put it to use by establishing multiple platforms for interaction across industry verticals.

Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight

ExportersIndia.Com was incepted at a time when India had just begun to comprehend the possibilities of the World Wide Web and the internet. The company was one of the first few B2B enterprises in the country that recognised the host of opportunities present within this realm and decided to channelize the power of the virtual sphere to expand its business.

Since the concept of the internet was still finding its foothold, ExportersIndia.Com had a tough time convincing buyers and sellers to register themselves on the former’s online platform. Also, the internet during the 90s was costly, which meant that most people were unable to use its services.

However, despite these challenges, Sunil was able to power the company forward and gained steady traction over the years through sheer hard work and determination to succeed in the highly competitive B2B space.

In 2006, he shifted base and merged all web portals and working staff under a single larger roof at ExportersIndia.Com’s present corporate address. Within a span of 7 years, Sunil managed to augment the team strength of his company, even as the quality-enriched services churned out by the company spiked up the list of esteemed clientele by 10 times.

A strong entrepreneur needs a strong backing

Sunil expresses that his family was very supportive throughout his journey. “The strong values inculcated by my parents have been the basis of my business.” They fuelled his pursuit for excellence with their never-ending belief and support. “Also, my wife has been a rock-solid support throughout my journey.”

With the arrival of the internet, Sunil knew he had to equip himself to learn the ins and outs of this new and challenging but highly advantageous tech tool. He enrolled for a 6-month course to keep up with the latest trend that had suddenly taken the world by storm and discovered the magic of high-speed communication and its mega uses. Sunil says that the technology was so new, that the simplest of things such as hosting a homepage became such a challenge. It took two weeks of research, brainstorming and hard work to get it right. 

People around us felt we were never going to make it, but it was plain perseverance and the zeal to excel that brought us to where we are today.”

The business model

ExportersIndia.Com follows a pay per view model, wherein the buyer’s requirement is converted to a supplier’s lead. It is a bootstrapped company and over the past 20 years, its clientele has grown, both in numbers and outreach. Also, with automation and other strategies, the company has improved on its service delivery, both in quantity as well as quality, while keeping up with current trends in technology as well as the changes that were taking place in the market.

What’s in store for this bold and brave entrepreneur?

After having already achieved so much, the sky is the limit for Sunil. For a while, he’s had his eyes set on achieving maximum ROI for SMEs. He plans to substantially increase the search visibility of his company over the next five years to ensure that genuine leads are received and provided to the clients associated with the company. He also plans to target a customer base of one lakh satisfied and happy clients in the near future.

Says the steadfast and resolute businessman, “Entrepreneurship is not a one-time achievement to boast, rather it is an art of persistence and perseverance to achieve success in every aspect of life. We wish to stay on this path and continue on our pursuit for excellence.”

Words of advice from the best to the budding

Sunil’s strong people management skills and great business acumen have helped him sketch his success story, enabling him to build a company that stands tall in reputation, and is a trusted brand name all over the world. What began as a single man’s dream is now a mission of more than 1100 skilled team members, who have put in their talent and hard work to deliver the best of online web solutions for their customers.Sunil, with years of experience under his belt, shares some invaluable words of wisdom to help other young and fiery entrepreneurs find the passion to pursue their dreams – “It’s easy to start something new but harder to persist. The key to starting is a heady mix of planning and risk-taking. You are only as good as your team, so choose your people wisely and don’t let failures weigh you down or successes set you soaring”, says the supportive and determined, but more importantly, the bold and brilliant businessman!

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